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10 gifs showing the best adjustable apartments from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

copper-clad volume covered in hatches and a space with rotating walls feature in this roundup, which spotlights apartments with reconfigurable interiors from Dezeen's Pinterest boards.


Apartment in Porto by ODDA

This Porto apartment by ODDA features a monolithic freestanding unit that stores a sliding bed and a desk in its base. The perforated pattern covering its exterior is inspired by tiles from historic buildings around the Portuguese city.

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Apartment in Hong Kong by Penda

A copper-clad box covered in hatches and doors is used to store valuable artwork inside this Hong Kong apartment. Penda designed the space for one of China's biggest art collectors and added a bar so the client can entertain potential investors.

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Interior for Students by Ruetemple

This adaptable seating cube can be reconfigured to create a play or study space for the client's two children inside a house designed by Russian studio Ruetemple. The 33-square-metre home also combines a bookshelf with a staircase and features a play net for the children.

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Apartment in Moscow by M17

Traditional Japanese interiors inspired the design of this apartment in Moscow, renovated by local studio M17. The open-plan space features a 19-metre-long polygonal wall concealing the entrance to the apartment, utility rooms, kitchen and wardrobe from view.

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MJE House by PKMN Architectures

A spinning storage module doubles up as wall inside this apartment in Spain. Designed by PKMN Architectures for a couple who requested a space that could easily accomodate guests, the pivoting door can be used to create extra bedrooms.

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Theatrical Apartment by APA

This London warehouse has been transformed by APA into an apartment for two theatre and film directors. It features a steel volume to store a movie archive and accommodates a monochrome bathroom.

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Oscar Freire apartment by Claudia Bresciani and Júlia Risi

A translucent fold-up door divides the living and studio space of this apartment, designed by Claudia Bresciani and Júlia Risi for an illustrator in Brazil.

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Screen House by Studio Ben Allen

Movable, perforated screens create a flexible living space inside this north London apartment by Studio Ben Allen, opening up to create room for entertainment and closing to retain a level of privacy.

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The White Retreat by Colombo and Serboli

This all-white apartment in Barcelona was designed by Colombo and Serboli for an art historian and curator. It includes a tiled kitchen and bathroom that can be hidden away, allowing the owner to display art, music and books within the minimal space.

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Converted Victorian post office by Studio 1508

Studio 1508 converted a Victorian post office in London to create a home for an art collector, which features concrete shutters that reveal and conceal various areas of the living space, and allow large artworks to be hung from the walls.

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