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Dog and duck go on a date in Kakkmaddafakka's Lilac music video

An anthropomorphised dog and duck embark on a summer fling in the city of Bergen in Kakkmaddafakka's new music video, which was directed by Carlín Díaz.

Illustrated and directed by Díaz, the video accompanies the Norwegian band's Lilac track – a song Díaz said made him think of a summer fling.

DMP Kakkmaddafakka Lilac by Carlin Diaz

Díaz, an animator based in Venezuela, had been a long-time fan of the Norwegian band but had never seen them live. When he eventually went to a gig in Paris, he met lead vocalist Axel Vindenes afterwards.

Díaz showed Vindenes his work, and the day after Vindenes contacted to ask him to pick a song from their new album to create visuals for.

DMP Kakkmaddafakka Lilac by Carlin Diaz

"I wanted the video to be set in Bergen, Kakkmaddafakka's hometown, and for it to show some landscapes and typical architecture of that place," he told Dezeen. "The only thing they told me was that the song is about the good times they spent at Vamoose Bar in the city."

He began with an original idea he'd had, which involved making animals act as humans. He also looked to a game called Duck Hunt, in which players receive points upon shooting down ducks.

DMP Kakkmaddafakka Lilac by Carlin Diaz

"I remember playing it as a kid and this time the duck is playing shooting humans," he said. "The dog is supposed to be a pointer, which are known for going hunting with their owner to catch ducks.

"In the video, the character catches a duck – but in another way."

DMP Kakkmaddafakka Lilac by Carlin Diaz

Throughout the video, bright illustrative visuals depict a dog and a duck embarking on a fling. They begin by going on a date in a bar, before going for a ride together on a motorcycle, and eventually ending up looking out onto the sea.

"I'm a fan of craft art and always try to give that vibe to my work, so I played a lot with fabric textures in order to create some sort of stop-motion effect," he said.

DMP Kakkmaddafakka Lilac by Carlin Diaz

"In my work, there is usually a warm atmosphere due to the palette colour I use because of its Venezuelan origin. In this case, because it is all happening in Norway I used less yellow and more blue."

In total, the video took four months to produce. Díaz collaborated with a number of designers to complete the project.