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Lunar by Ziiiro

Ziiiro's latest watch is inspired by the phases of the moon

The Lunar watch by Hong Kong-based brand Ziiiro, which tells the time with light and dark segments, is now available to purchase from Dezeen Watch Store.

Like Ziiiro's other timepieces, the watch has a futuristic, minimalist aesthetic with no hands or indices. It uses an abstract combination of colour, form and movement to display the time.

The unique design features a face split evenly into two contrasting semi-circles across a pair of concentric disks.

Lunar by Ziiiro
Lunar's unique design features two contrasting halves, one light and one dark

The disks rotate separately to display the hours and minutes. This creates a constantly-shifting composition inspired by the moon's changing phases.

As the disks rotate, the light-toned half moves clockwise to cover time that has passed. The user can tell the time by following the motion and observing the point at which light meets dark.

The watch features two concentric disks that rotate to display the minutes and hours

The Lunar is available in either gold or white, with a black leather strap, or ocean blue with a stainless-steel mesh strap. It features a brushed stainless-steel 41-millimetre case and holds a Japanese Miyota quartz movement.

Ziiiro previously launched its Eclipse series at Dezeen Watch Store, which features two rectangular markers that seem to float above a luminescent ring.

Lunar by Ziiiro
Lunar is available with either a black leather or stainless-steel mesh strap

The Hong Kong-based brand describes its watches as "minimal, futuristic and cool". The name Ziiiro comes from the company tagline, which advocates "zero buttons, zero loose parts, zero numbers".

"I wanted to think of something that looks different from regular watches," said co-founder and graphic designer Robert Dabi.

"In daily life I noticed that I never needed to know the exact seconds of the present time, so for this concept I just declared the possibility of being able to read the time super-precisely as unnecessary as well."

Other new releases at the online store include the KLOK-01 by Klokers, which references a mid-century analog computer in its design.