Seconds GMT by Nocs Atelier

Nocs Atelier's latest watch displays two time zones simultaneously

Swedish brand Nocs Atelier has added another hour hand to its distinctive Seconds watch, which is now available to buy from Dezeen Watch Store.

The new Seconds GMT watch displays local time along with an alternate time zone on one simple dial.

The wearer can distinguish either time by looking at the relevant hour hand. On the silver Seconds watch, the polished hour hand is set to local time, while the brushed steel hand indicates time in another location.

Seconds GMT by Nocs Atelier
Seconds GMT is available in silver with a brushed stainless-steel dial

This hand moves at a slower pace to create a 24-hour rather than a 12-hour clock, hitting each marker at two-hour intervals. This helps the wearer know whether it is day or night in the second location.

A polished minute and second hand function as normal.

On the black version, the black hand with a luminescent fill marks local time, while the matt hand is intended for the additional time zone.

The pared-back dial comes in either sandblasted matt black with a PVD-coated case or brushed silver with a polished stainless-steel case.

Seconds GMT by Nocs Atelier
The watch also comes with a sandblasted matt black dial and hands and markers that have a luminescent fill

Building on Nocs Atelier's original design, the Seconds GMT watch features the same pared-back aesthetic and exaggerated lugs as its predecessor. However, it now holds a high-quality Swiss quartz movement.

It comes with a light grey or black nylon Nato strap made from recycled materials and a stainless-steel buckle.

The watch has a pared-back look and exaggerated lugs

Stockholm-based Nocs Atelier is the sister company of Swedish audio company Nocs, who created the brand as an outlet for the team's creativity. It launched its first collection at Dezeen Watch Store in November 2015.

Seconds GMT by Nocs Atelier
The 36-millimetre Seconds watch comes with a light grey Nato fabric strap

"A watch is an everyday item, but the interplay between form, functionality and perception is one that we wanted to stress in order to differentiate Seconds from other timepieces," the Nocs Atelier team told Dezeen at the time.

They also cited iconic industrial designer Dieter Rams and American artist Jeff Koons as inspirations.

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