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Electronics by Bang & Olufsen

Competition: win a BeoSound 1 wireless speaker system by Bang & Olufsen

Dezeen has teamed up with electronics brand Bang & Olufsen to give away one of its new cone-shaped Beosound 1 wireless speaker systems.

Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 1 wireless speaker system takes its design cues from musical instruments.

Made from aluminium, the cone-shaped speaker features a slightly curved base and a gap at the top. This allows the acoustic driver to amplify and reflect the sound by 360 degrees.

Electronics by Bang & Olufsen

A small groove ensures a good grip when the speaker is lifted up and moved around.

"Simplicity was paramount," said designer Torsten Valeur. "Our dream was to create something that resembled musical instruments; products where every part conveys its purpose, which is to spread beautiful music."

Electronics by Bang & Olufsen

Volume is adjusted by a wheel, while other functions can be controlled by a swipe and tap on the top of the speaker.

The BeoSound 1 can be powered by batteries, allowing it to be easily transported or used outdoors.

It is also available in a larger size, named BeoSound 2, which needs permanent power connection.

Both versions have a built-in proximity sensor, meaning that when approached, it detects the user's presence and turns the interface towards them.

Electronics by Bang & Olufsen

The speakers can be connected to Google Cast, AirPlay, DNLA and Bluetooth to offer easy access from mobile devices and music applications, as well as TuneIn Internet radio stations, Spotify and Deezer music services to allow streaming of music without using a smartphone or tablet.

BeoSound 1 and 2 form part of the BeoLink Multiroom range, which allows users to connect devices across various rooms in the house.

Other products in the range include the horizontal BeoSound 35 speaker that can be mounted on a wall, and the BeoVision Horizon television.

Electronics by Bang & Olufsen

Founded in 1925 by Svend Olufsen and Peter Bang, Bang & Olufsen designs television sets, audio devices and telephones that have shaped contemporary product design, most notably the Beolit 39 radio (1938) to the Beogram 400 gramophone (1972).

The company recently filmed an interview with designer Paul Cocksedge, a big Bang & Olufsen fan. In the film, he recalls the first time he encountered a Bang & Olufsen product, and how it relates to his own working process.

"Sound is something I'm very fascinated with, after my experimentation with light I naturally went into being interested about sound waves and amplification," he says.

"I remember as a kid seeing the first B&O sliding door CD player and it was so iconic for me. The people behind the products, their focus is delivering the best sound".

One winner will receive a BeoSound 1, which is available in Bang & Olufsen store at a recommended retail price of £995. The BeoSound 2 is also available for purchase at £1350.