Stacked and rotated black volumes set on stilts make up Chilean seaside house

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2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM

Stacked and rotated blocks ensure multiple sea views from Chilean beach house

Chilean architects 2DM twisted the upper volume of this blackened timber house away from its stilted base to offer a variety of views to the sea in Chile's Cardenal Caro Province.

2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM

The Santiago-based architects designed the residence for a narrow plot of land along Puertecillo beach in the coastal community of Navidad.

2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM

The aim was to frame the sea on the southern side and cliffs on the northern side, creating several different vistas of the water.

2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM

The house is divided into two volumes, which are stacked one on top of one another and rotated at right angles. Openings are located on the shorter ends, rather than the longer sides of the blocks to ensure different views.

Yellow-toned wooden frames surrounding the windows contrast the blackened-wood panels that clad the two volumes.

2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM

"The question arises immediately: how not to fall into the evident blatancy of the view to the sea, having it in front like an unavoidable scene with no mediating between sight and sea?" said the studio.

"A volume is then proposed that revolves in itself to receive the sea as a surprise, as a violent blow of sight, and a different perspective each and every time, as a sight that cannot be anticipated."

To enhance the views further, the residence named 2 Houses is elevated on stilts. A third smaller volume, slotted in between this structure, on the ground floor hosts the entrance staircase.

On the first level, sliding glass doors open from the master bedroom to a terrace.

A room with bunkbeds occupies the other end of the floor and has two narrow windows set within protruding frames. One opening is placed on the shorter side and the other in the corner to the rear of the house.

A combined kitchen, living and dining room spreads across the top level, which is flanked by two large windows.

Kitchen cabinets and shelving fronted by black wood panels run along one wall, hiding the staircase to its rear, while the dining table is set in front of the window on the mountain side.

The walls and ceilings are lined with planks of light wood, while the floor is covered in slightly darker boards. Black furniture dressing the spaces contrasts against the pale surfaces.

The 2 Houses is one of a number of residences in Chile designed to make the most of scenic natural surroundings.

Others include a rugged oak and stone holiday home overlooking wetlands and a blackened pine cabins in the mountains.

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Ground floor plan
First floor plan
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2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM
2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM
2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM
2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM
2 Houses in Puertecillo by 2DM