Dissing + Weitling completes "world's longest" elevated cycling path in China

Danish office Dissing + Weitling Architecture has completed an elevated cycling path in Chinese city Xiamen, which the architects claim is the longest of its kind in the world.

The Copenhagen-based architects designed the Xiamen Bicycle Skyway to cover five major residential areas and three business centres in Xiamen – a city in China's Fujian province.

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway by DISSING+WEITLING

The 7.6-kilometre route is elevated five metres above the road, but set just below the raised bus transit line, known as the BRT, in the city's downtown area.

"The skyway exclusively for bicycles isn't only the first of its kind in China, it also happens to be the world’s longest," said Dissing + Weitling Architecture, which also designed The Bicycle Snake in Copenhagen.

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway by DISSING+WEITLING

Featuring a green floor, the skyway is 4.8 metres wide to allow several bicycles to travel side-by-side.

Eleven entry and exit points, including a looped one, provide commuters with access to bus and BRT stations, overpasses, shopping malls and other public buildings.

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway by DISSING+WEITLING

Pedestrian bridges, ramps, roundabouts, bicycle parking and bicycle service pavilions are also included along the route.

The City Government of Xiamen, Xiamen Municipal Planning and Design Administration commissioned the pathway to decrease traffic congestion, and promote greener and sustainable forms of transportation in the city.

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway by DISSING+WEITLING

"Bicycles are returning in popularity among China's urbanites, mostly due to the omnipresent traffic jams, although many are also appreciative of its health and environmental benefits," the architects explained.

"Not to mention that grabbing the bike is an efficient, easy and fun way of getting around in the cities, especially for short commutes," they continued.

It follows a number of cycling routes designed to offer safe, environmentally friendly transport in cities.

Others include the cycle path that Daan Roosegaarde illuminated with Van Gogh-inspired patterns. Similarly, Foster + Partners unveiled a concept to build a network of cycle pathways above London's railways.

Photography is by Ma Weiwei.

Project credits:

Architect: Dissing + Weitling Architecture
Contractor: CSCEC Steel Structure
Engineer: JSTI Engineering
Renderings: Dissing + Weitling architecture