Cappellini uses Bolon's flooring material as upholstery for experimental furniture

In the next movie in our Bolon at Heart video series, Cappellini director Giulio Cappellini reveals how the Italian brand is experimenting with a new material by Swedish flooring company Bolon to upholster furniture.

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
Giulio Cappellini (left) and Antonio Facco are experimenting with new materials by Bolon

Bolon is famous for its woven vinyl flooring, but at Stockholm Design Week last month the Swedish brand presented a series of experimental furniture pieces upholstered with Bolon material.

One such piece was a version of a product called Anemos, a coffee table with four retractable seats that Italian designer Antonio Facco originally designed for Cappellini in 2015.

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
The Italian designers chose to work with a new material called Villa La Madonna

"At the moment we are experimenting with some new materials from Bolon on our furniture," Cappellini explains in the movie, which was filmed at the Italian furniture brand's showroom and factory in Milan.

"We experimented with this new Bolon material on the Anemos table and seats by Antonio Facco."

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
Antonio Facco's original Anemos product from 2015 features seats with wood backs

The original Anemos comprises a wood table and four padded seats with curved wood backs, which slide underneath the table to create a unified, monolithic form.

Cappellini and Facco wanted to create a version of the product with fully upholstered seats and chose to experiment with a new hybrid material developed by Bolon called Villa La Madonna.

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
Cappellini and Facco used Bolon's material on both the seats and tabletop of the Anemos product

Originally designed for a collection of experimental rugs that Bolon unveiled at Stockholm Design Week, the material combines strips of vinyl with other textiles such as wool and polyester.

"We wanted to create a new version of Anemos, softer than the original," explains Facco. "We decided to use the Villa La Madonna material because we really loved the square texture."

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
The Bolon material is hard wearing than traditional upholstery fabrics

Facco says that because the material is much more hard wearing than traditional upholstery fabrics, he was able to retain the unified look of the original product by using the material on the tabletop as well as the seats.

"At the beginning, our idea was to use the material just for the seats, but we learned that it could be very interesting to have it also on the top of the table," he says.

"This new material could give you the possibility to unify walls, floor and furniture in a space."

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
Cappellini first worked with Bolon in 2008 on a lounge at Stockholm Design Week

Cappellini has worked with Bolon for a number of years. He used Bolon flooring in an installation for Stockholm Design Week in 2008, as well as in Cappellini showrooms around the world.

However, this is the first time he has tried to use Bolon's material to upholster a piece of furniture.

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
Antonio Facco's Anemos table features seats that slide underneath

So far the Italian furniture company has only produced one prototype version of Anemos upholstered with Bolon's material. But Cappellini says he is serious about continuing to develop furniture with the Swedish brand in future.

"We are at the beginning of this process," he says. "This is an experimental project for Bolon and an experimental project for Cappellini. But from this prototype, maybe in one year, we can arrive to have a real, final product produced with Bolon."

Bolon's collaboration with Cappellini
By applying Bolon textile to the tabletop of Anemos, Facco was able to maintain a unified look

This movie was filmed by Dezeen for Bolon in Milan, Italy. It is the sixth in a 12-part series exploring Bolon's history, design and technology. Music is by Tobias Lindén of Fry Communications.

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