Qbiss One by Trimo.
Home by Mecanoo. Photograph by Paul Karalius courtesy of Mecanoo

Trimo wall system used by architects including Grimshaw and Mecanoo

Dezeen promotion: facade manufacturer Trimo has created a modular wall system, which allows for curved corners, and has been used on recent projects by Grimshaw and Mecanoo.

The Qbiss One features multiple joint options and surface treatments, meaning it can be used for different functions and create different aesthetics.

Mecanoo used the system to create the curved end of The Home, an arts centre in Manchester, while Grimshaw worked with it for a new building at London's Heathrow Airport.

Qbiss One by Trimo
Trimo's modular wall system enabled Dutch firm Mecanoo to create the curved end to its Manchester arts centre. Photograph by Paul Karalius courtesy of Mecanoo

Nicholas Hare Architects also used it to create the distinctive red and silver facade of Blackburn Community College, while Foster + Partners has selected it for a couple of its projects.

"It provides a great freedom of expression to architects – not only is a superior aesthetic achieved, but any potential threat of corrosion is prevented," said Trimo.

"Unlike traditional rain screen panels, there is no need to cut, fold or weld corners; this not only results in a stunning appearance, but also considerably minimises construction time," they continued.

Multiple joint options are available to choose from, allowing for a combination of recessed and flush joints – and each element is self-supporting.

London Heathrow Terminal by Grimshaw Architects
Grimshaw chose Trimo's modular facade system to clad London's Heathrow Airport

Facades can reach a span of up to 6.5 metres without intermediate support, offering a seamless aesthetic while also reducing material costs and build time.

Elements of Qbiss One are custom-made based on design requirements, making on-site cutting or any other post-production modification unnecessary.

Trimo's facades can also be treated with ArtMe, which was used by Nicholas Hare Architects for the Blackburn Community College.

Qbiss One by Trimo
Nicholas Hare Architects used the ArtMe facade treatment to create the distinctive red and silver exterior of Blackburn Community College

The treatment allows the shapes, patterns or visual effects to be applied to the surface without the need for adhesives, additional elements or structural devices.

Qbiss One is energy efficient and environmentally friendly  – all manufacturing processes are designed to minimise emissions and energy usage.

The system is insulated with mineral wool, is 98 per cent recyclable and has a low CO2 footprint.

"The Qbiss One solution was developed in response to architectural demands," said Trimo marketing manager Viviane Williams.

Qbiss One by Trimo
Other projects that use the system include the Porsche Centre in London

"The product's durability, exceptional smoothness and rounded corners are just some of the benefits that make Qbiss One the ideal solution for those looking beyond the constraints of traditional rain screen panels," she continued.

Founded in 1961, Trimo is one of Europe's leading companies developing original and complete building envelope solutions, steel constructions and modular space solutions.

Today, Trimo sells its products and services under its own brand across more than 60 countries worldwide. Its portfolio of well-known partners includes companies such as Airbus, Nestle, Philips, DHL, Porsche, McLaren, IKEA, Prologis, Mercedes Benz and Coca Cola.

To learn more about Qbiss One and other Trimo products, visit the website.