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Ross Lovegrove uses flexible OLED panels to create two new lights for LG Display

Dezeen promotion: Ross Lovegrove will present two lamps created from OLED light panels during this year's Milan design week, both designed to resemble different underwater creatures.

Lovegrove has created the pair of lights for LG Display. Both are designed to take advantage of the flexibility of the brand's OLED panels – a type of lighting that creates illumination across a surface rather than from a point.

The first of Ross Lovegrove's lights for LG Display is called Pyrosome

The first, called Pyrosome, is based on a deep-sea creature of the same name.

Created using 3D printing technology, this light is made up of several elements, each with a freely transformable shape. This allows them to be moulded in different directions.

This light is made up of several elements, each with a freely transformable shape

Lovegrove said his aim was to combine logic and beauty into "an ethereal phenomenon".

"I want the audience to break free from typical perceptions and feel that light, in its essence, has a organic presence beyond the known," he said.

The second light is called Medusa

The second light is called Medusa. It comprises eight flexible OLED panels that extend out from a central ring, and can be bent into different shapes.

"With Medusa I have found a sincere way to hold a series of [panels] inside a loop so that the strips, via gravitational forces, assume a shape," explained the designer.

It comprises eight flexible OLED panels that extend out from a central ring

"To change these shapes, I use different weights at their tips to promote more or less flex."

"The resulting affect is like plankton floating in the ocean, as light and form are one," he added. "Light becomes gently animated without employing additional energy."

LG Display will showcase its OLED light panels at Euroluce in Milan

LG Display will showcase the lights at Euroluce during Milan design week. They will be on show in Hall 15 from 4-9 April 2017, as part of the brand's exhibition, called The Light of Inspiration.

Along with the two lights, LG Display will also showcase some of the properties of its OLED light panels to architects and designers.

As well as being just 0.41 millimetres thick, these flexible, lightweight panels generate no heat, UV or Blue Light. They are also shatter-resistant, thanks to being plastic-based.

These panels are thin, lightweight and shatter-resistant

"OLED technology is radically different in format from conventional light emitting technologies," added Lovegrove.

"LG creates OLED panels that are thin, lightweight and cool to the touch. My concepts reflect these physical properties."

LG Display has previously partnered with other prominent designers on its products. Ron Arad created an artwork of OLED light panels for last year's London Design Festival, while other past partners include Jason Bruges, Grimshaw and Ab Rogers.