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10 homes illuminated by skylights from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

This week we're highlighting 10 popular home interiors from our Pinterest boards that use skylights to make compact spaces seem larger, including a loft apartment in New York and a windowless garage conversion.

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Javorník distillery, Czech Republic, by ADR

A large window draws light into the attic bedroom of this old farmhouse in South Bohemia by architecture studio ADR. The narrow space has been painted white and features a built-in bed.

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House in Pribylovo, Russia, by Chovya

The steeply inclined roof of this Russian house by Chvoya features skylights that flood the tiny study area with natural light. Lightly-toned pine clads the interior, while doors and cupboards are painted blue.

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Garage house, Portugal, by Fala Atelier

This windowless garage in Lisbon has been transformed by Fala Atelier into an open-plan living space with a parking spot. To brighten the apartment, walls and ceilings were painted white and large skylights were installed on the roof.

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New York apartment, US, by Yoshihara McKee

Yoshihara McKee removed partitions of this loft apartment to direct attention towards an angled skylight, which maximises light inside the home located in a densely populated area of Chelsea.

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Kennington house, UK, by R2 Studio 

This colourful house in London features a loft extension offering rooftop views. A skylight above an orange-painted staircase floods the hallway with natural light and adds warmth to the space.

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Village House, Denmark, by Powerhouse Company

Skylights nestle into the angular ceilings of each wing of this Danish house, designed by Powerhouse Company to create a variety of views and light effects throughout the day.

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Kew House, UK, by Piercy & Company

Oak veneer panelling and Dinesen flooring are brightened by angular windows and skylights in this family home in Kew by Piercy & Company.

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Tiny apartment, Spain, by MYCC

The only source of natural light in this minimal micro apartment by MYCC is a large, openable skylight over a work area that is accessed by a ladder.

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Harvey Road, UK, by Erbar Mattes

A large skylight fills the space between the old party wall and the original flank wall of this pale brick extension in London by Erbar Mattes, helping to naturally illuminate the space.

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Home of Petrus Palmér, Sweden, by Förstberg Ling

This light-filled family home for Petrus Palmér, co-founder of furniture brand Hem, features skylights in its angular roof which enhance the mint-green tones of the bathroom and bedroom.

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