"Smart furniture" creates storage space in micro flat by Naimi Architecture
25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

"Smart furniture" creates valuable storage space in 25-square-metre flat by Naimi Architecture

A piece of furniture that combines a bed, a wardrobe and a washing machine is among the space-saving solutions that Naimi Architecture has created inside this tiny Barcelona apartment.

The Barcelona- and Tel Aviv-based studio was tasked with making the 25-square-metre flat into a comfortable home for a single occupant. The solution involved sinking storage areas into the walls and creating "smart furniture".

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

The bed unit is the most complex of the additions. Serving as an informal space-divider for the three-metre-wide space, this single piece of furniture is a multi-tiered platform with a double bed at the top and storage areas slotted in underneath.

These storage areas include a cupboard for the washing machine, a deep wardrobe, 11 drawers, and bedside tables with integrated power sockets.

"The apartment was subdivided by one main piece of furniture," explained Yuda Naimi, founder of Naimi Architecture.

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

"The furniture is comprised of several units, which can be moved, and allows the use of all of the space underneath the bed," he continued.

"Each side of the furniture refers to the other function attached it: a shelf for drinks or extra bench placed next to the dining table, or the stairs-drawers that lead to the bed and can also be used as seats, becoming part of the adjacent salon area. The multipurpose nature of these units allows the apartment’s spaces to grow when it is necessary."

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

Called 25 Loft, the micro flat is located in an old building in the centre of Barcelona. The renovation involved stripping back the room to reveal its brick walls and its vaulted ceiling – a traditional construction known as a Catalan vault.

It is a feature that has been celebrated in many recent Barcelona renovations, including one that is filled with mirrors and another that also features colourful floor tiles. Here, it is painted white to brighten the space.

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

The generous height of this ceiling was what led Naimi to come up with the design for the bed platform. It also prompted him to make use of the walls, which incorporate a kitchen, a study desk and assorted storage spaces.

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

There are five "nooks" in total, all slotted in between the structural columns in one wall.

The study nook can be hidden away behind 19th-century wooden doors, while the largest of the nooks integrates both storage boxes and mirrors. A bookshelf is housed within another, and the final two create shelves for the tiny kitchen area.

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

"The kitchen was designed in two parallel surfaces: one inside of a closet, which allows for making the sink and the stove invisible when needed, and the other is a work surface with two nooks in the wall for hanging utensils and vegetables," explained Naimi.

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

Furnishings are kept simple to ensure the space isn't overloaded. They include a two-person dining table, a small leather sofa and a slender coat stand.

Other details include hanging pendant lights, hexagonal floor tiles and an assortment of potted plants.

25 Loft Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

The bathroom is located beside the entrance, while a small balcony affords the occupant a small amount of outdoor space.

Project credits:

Interior design: Naimi Architecture
Constructor: Juan Pablo
Carpentry: 3Dmar, Naimi Architecture