10 homes organised around scenic ponds or lakes

This week's selection of popular homes from our Pinterest boards frame views across water – from a gabled house in Malaysia overlooking a koi pond to an Oregon home that can only be accessed by a bridge.

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House at the Pond, Austria, by Hammerschmid Pachl Seebacher Architekten

This house, designed by Hammerschmid Pachl Seebacher Architekten, balances on stilts above a sloping site – overlooking an artificial pond. Through their design, the architects wanted to preserve the nature that had grown around the pond in the 25 years since its construction.

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Pinterest roundup: ponds

The Forest Pond House, England, by TDO

This secluded wooden folly cantilevers across a garden lake in Hampshire, England. London studio TDO nestled the structure among plants at the forest's edge and added a glazed end wall with a window seat that frames views across the water.

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Pinterest roundup: ponds

Cornwall Gardens, Singapore, by Chang Architects

A koi carp pond sits at the basement level of this large family home in Singapore. Chang Architects aimed to create a "cool tropical paradise" for the family, while focusing on their wellbeing through the use of plants, water and natural light.

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Pinterest roundup: ponds

Eagle Ridge Residence, US, by Gary Gladwish

American architect Gary Gladwish designed this residence for an artist who dreamt of living amongst the twisting trees and mossy rocks of Orcas Island, in the San Juan archipelago. Gladwish structured the house around this small, rocky pond that is home to an assortment of native plants.

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Casa Alto de Pinheiros, Brazil, by AMZ Arquitetos

Brazilian firm AMZ Arquitetos used plant-filled courtyards throughout this house in Alto de Pinheiros to connect it with nature. The lounge is enclosed by a large glass pane that provides views of the "water courtyard", where plots of vegetation sit on a pond.

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Newberg Residence, US, by Cutler Anderson Architects

Entry to this home in Newberg, Oregon is permitted via a wooden bridge that crosses a manmade pond. The house has been built directly on top of the water, allowing its occupants to interact with ducks and other animals that swim towards them.

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Roccolo's Swimming Pool, Italy, by Act Romegialli 

Submerged below a sprawling lawn in northern Italy, this home is camouflaged among the foliage and shrubbery. Local studio Act Romegialli added a pavilion and an extension to the property, which looks out onto a kidney-shaped pond covered in lily pads.

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Triangle House, Thailand, by Phongphat Ueasangkhomset

A pair of houses were joined together by Thai architect Phongphat Ueasangkhomset to form this unusually shaped family home in Nakorn Pathom, a central province in Thailand. The house is built beside a vast lily pond, which can be seen through large folding glass doors on the ground floor.

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The Leaf House, India, by SJK Architects

Mumbai studio SJK Architects built concrete roof canopies that act as shelters for this open-air family home in India. While the bedrooms are wrapped in glazed walls, the living room remains completely open to the air, and are bordered by a lily pond and pool.

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Kniko House, Malaysia, by Fabian Tan

The residents of this gabled home in Malaysia can look out onto a tiny koi pond and garden via the master bedroom at the rear, as well as from the open-plan living area.

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