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IKEA collaboration with Hay

Dezeen's top 10 furniture launches of 2017

The past year has seen a wide variety of new furniture designs released. Editorial intern Alice Finney has picked out 10 of the best, from a shape-shifting table designed by Thomas Heatherwick to the first collaborative collection from IKEA and Hay.

Christmas roundup: Furniture launches

Ypperlig by IKEA and Hay

IKEA released a number of impressive designs in 2017, but the most hotly anticipated was this collection created with popular Danish brand Hay.

The collection of more than 30 pieces ranges from pieces of furniture to small accessories, including vases, candle holders and blankets. It also includes Hay's redesign of IKEA's iconic blue and yellow Frakta bag, made from a white and forest-green woven fabric.

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The Friction table by Heatherwick Studio

Making its debut at this years' annual Freize fair in London was this adaptable table, designed by Thomas Heatherwick's studio.

The expanding table is formed from slats, made out of paper sheets that have been solidified in resin. The lattice formation can be stretched out to accommodate larger groups of people or contracted to suit a smaller group.

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Christmas roundup: Furniture launches

The Chairless Chair by Sapetti

The most popular item of furniture on Dezeen this year was this backless chair by Swiss studio Sapetti, which looks more like an item of clothing.

This exoskeletal chair allows its wearer perch to whenever and wherever they need to. Made from lightweight plastics, it can be adjusted to suit people of different heights and girths, improving their posture at the same time.

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Christmas roundup: Furniture launches

Bookchair by Sou Fujimoto

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto is behind this dual-purpose piece of furniture.

Designed for Italian brand Alias, the white gridded bookcase features a cutout that can also be used as a chair.

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Dune furniture by Lisa Ertel

The Dune collection by Lisa Ertel

This series of chunky wooden chairs and benches was among the standout furniture collections showcased at this year's Milan design week.

Lisa Ertel, a student at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, created the collection using a sandblasting technique that removes the top layer of the wood. What remains is a range of diverse patterns, which Ertel believes reflect the trees' annual rings of growth.

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Aeroplane seat by Simba

Air Hybrid by Simba

Footballer Gareth Bale provides the starting point for these aeroplane seats, designed by mattress company Simba.

The bed is designed to offer travellers an uninterrupted sleep, equivalent to that offered by a real bed. The mattress itself is made up of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam layers that each provide support and heat regulation.

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Blank by Hyung Suk Cho

This piece of furniture, which is a cross between a sofa and a bed, highlights the changing use of furniture in the home.

Created for Korean company Munito Furniture by designer Hyung Suk Cho, Blank features a wide flat seat covered by a long cushion and another pair of removable cushions that form the backrest.

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EXCAVATION: Evicted by Paul Cocksedge 

Concrete revived from Cocksedge's floor was used to form this collection of unusual, limited-edition tables.

After being evicted from his Hackney studio to make way for property development, the artist decided to excavate material from the floor, resulting in what he sees as a collection that celebrates "the tension and creative energy" of London.

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Christmas roundup: Furniture launches

Kammerspiel by Nils Holger Moormann

This space-saving piece of furniture accommodates an entire room, with a bed, a walk in wardrobe, and living and eating areas.

Intended to provide a solution for studio flats, the module was primarily designed with writers, sportspeople, homeworkers and the "fashion conscious" in mind.

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Hamburger and Hot Dog by Studio Job

A sofa shaped like a hot dog and a burger-like chair were among Studio Job's Un_Limited Editions, a furniture collection for Italian brand Seletti.

The Hamburger chair features a bun-like seat, with cushions designed to look like a patty, a tomato and a gherkin. The Hot Dog chair has much the same – but in place of the circular patty cushion is a long sausage embroidered with a squiggly yellow pattern to look like mustard.

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