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Nendo creates kitchenware lids that imitate hand movements

Japanese studio Nendo has created a series of multi-functional kitchenware lids, which are designed to imitate hand movements like pinching and pushing.

Designed in collaboration with air conditioning manufacturer Daikin, the Air Lids series is made up of five airtight lids aimed at kitchen use.

Each lid corresponds to a particular hand movement, which includes picking up, pressing, pinching, pulling and pushing.

The collection, which will be presented at Milan Design Week, is made from a material called fluoroelastomer, which derives from the raw material used in air conditioners. This gives the product heat and oil-resisting properties and does not lose its colour or shape over time.

"This fluoroelastomer has a silkier touch than regular silicone rubber, mimicking the same 'airy' quality as if directly touching something materialised from the air itself, which normally cannot be touched," said Nendo.

According to the studio, the lids are meant to symbolise "something between human and an object".

"[The lids] convey the abstract feeling of air to be a bit more tangible," they said.  "We needed something familiar to us, which we use in our daily life, and it had to be something that we touch to use," they said.

Each lid in the series has a geometric shape, in an opaque white colour.

The Pick-up lid has an ovular shape with two hollows, where users can insert their index finger and thumb to pick up seasonings or spices.

The Press lid has an ergonomic shape that is designed for a liquid container. It opens like a mouth when pressed together.

Meanwhile, the Push lid has an ovoid shape that extrudes liquid from the container when pushed.

The Pinch lid features a cone shape, which reveals a small spoon when pinched together, while the Pull lid has a sphere shape that stretches from inside the container to seal liquid inside.

Nendo will present Air Lids at this month's Milan design week, as part of a solo exhibition titled Nendo: Forms of Movement.

The show will feature 10 different collaborations between Nendo and Japanese manufacturers, each one using unique materials and advanced techniques. As well as the final products, the exhibition will showcase the models and sketches used in the design process.

It takes place at Superstudio Più, on Via Tortona 27, between 17 and 21 of April.

Photography is by Akihiro Yoshida