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Simplehuman's subservient smart bin opens when you tell it to

Simplehuman is offering a more hygienic approach to throwing away rubbish, with this smart bin that opens automatically by voice command or when it senses you waving your hand.

Created by bathroom and kitchen tools brand Simplehuman, the ST2015 bin is designed to allow users to throw away rubbish "hands-free".

Built-in intelligent sensors automatically open the lid of the stainless steel bin in response to the phrase "open can". In addition, motion sensors enable the lid to be opened at the wave of the hand.

California-based Simplehuman states that the sensors are smart enough to adapt to the surrounding environment, ensuring that there are no false triggers and no unexpected lid closures.

Jane Pollard, co-director at online retailer Binopolis, which is selling the design in the UK said: "This new bin takes recycling and rubbish disposal to a new level with its fast, accurate voice-activated controls."

"The intelligent sensors mean it is smart enough not to react to false triggers and unexpected lid closures are a thing of the past," she continued.

Other features of the design include a nano-silver clear coat that prevents germs and fingerprints. According to the brand, a "whisper-quiet" mechanism also allows the bin to open and close at a rate that is  50 per cent quieter than any others on the market.

The 58-litre bin is equipped with dual compartments for recyclables and non-recyclables, and the design uses custom-fit liners, which are stored and dispensed one-by-one from a pocket inside the 34-litre bin compartment.

The liner rim lifts up for easy access to the liner, then closes to grip and keep it out of sight. Meanwhile, the 24-litre compartment allows recycling to be removed in a bucket.

The Simplehuman ST2015 bin is the latest smart homeware item to become voice-controlled.

Previously, French designer Philippe Starck created a range of smart radiator valves that allow homeowners to remotely control the temperature of each room using their voice.

Other innovative bin designs include a smell-free rubbish can that can quickly compost waste from the kitchen, and an intelligent waste disposal unit that aims to clean up home recycling.