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"Can the chimney blow smoke rings?"

In this week's comments update readers debated whether BIG's tiny cabin in Upstate New York could incorporate any of the more quirky features of the practice's recent projects.

BIG plans. Small cabins: architecture firm BIG's first in a series of tiny homes with prefab-housing startup Klein had readers debating the quality of the design.

One reader referenced the firms recent plans for a Swiss hotel with a ski slope on its roof, saying: "Fine, but can bikini-clad models ski on the roof in winter?"


Other readers questioned the practicality of the space, "I like the idea of having a kitchen where I can't actually cook," stated Fabian Z.

"So, function following form?" Dik Coates jested in agreement.

Vinceous questioned the homes vicinity to nature: "I need to wash my boots, can I? Or is the dirt too dirty for this iconic architecture?"

Other readers were more enthused by the design:

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Money down the drain: readers questioned the functionality and cost of this Brutalist inspired soap that takes its form from interlocking concrete coastal barriers.

Steve Hassler had reservations: "That price is brutalist, that's for sure."

"It seems like the soap will not slip from your hand, but your money will," agreed Miles Teg.

Jaykjay had other ideas: "perfect for all those hard to reach areas."

Direct Debbie was in agreement: "My god I need it."

Another reader questioned whether slippery soap was a problem that needed solving:

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Keyboard fail: a lawsuit filed against Apple over alleged flaws in the design of its keyboards divided readers opinions on the company's integrity as an industry leader.

Wertano was thrown by the news: "What? Isn't Apple "the best in the world"?"

Colin_MacGillivray was in agreement: "Why do people buy Apple stuff now that the other manufacturers have caught up and overtaken them?"

A cool guy couldn't relate, "I own a MacBook with one of these keyboards and have since January 2017. I haven't run into any of these problems,"

AJP was slightly more concerned about the longevity of the products: "Paid nearly 4,000 dollars for the wife's Macbook Pro, the B is broken after 1 year and 3 months."

One reader was indifferent to the whole debate.

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