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Lemon In My Eyes by Fiorindi and Florini

Traditional Venetian mirrors redesigned to include "sexy manga girls"

Japanese manga characters replace traditional images of angels in this kitsch reimagining of traditional Venetian mirrors by designers Giada Fiorindi and Federico Floriani. 

Lemon In My Eyes by Fiorindi and Florini

The project, called Lemon In My Eyes, saw Fiorindi and Floriani team up with traditional Venetian mirror manufacturer Ongaro e Fuga to reimagine the classic product for the 21st century.

They created a series of four designs, each featuring flashy glass adornments and engravings of "sexy Manga girls", drawn in the style of popular Japanese comics.

These were presented for the first time during Milan design week last month.

Lemon In My Eyes by Fiorindi and Florini

According to the designers, the aim was to "capture visual references from the past within a contemporary frame".

"Lemon In My Eyes was born by the drive to investigate the communicational strength of decoration as a key factor to reflect upon the need of significance in an age where fast consumption has led instead to a culturally weak society," they explained.

"We believe that we belong to an era which is entirely dominated by kitsch, meaning that cliches and formulas have almost completely replaced the research for meaning associated with aesthetics," they continued.

Lemon In My Eyes by Fiorindi and Florini

The design duo researched traditional glassware, especially ornaments found on Venetian island Murano, which they likened to the objects found in tourist retailers.

"We think that it is important that craft shouldn't only be associated with folklore but instead be a strong resource to define a contemporary cultural identity," the designers continued.

A bespoke palette was chosen for each mirror using glass powders which were used to colour the glass. The mirror features glass-blown elements, including flowers, leaves and curls are adorned with glass pearls.

Lemon In My Eyes by Fiorindi and Florini

Fitted mirrored glass slabs were placed in the frames. They were engraved by hand with "almost pornographic" images of manga girls and accompanying text such as, "stay with me, my phone is about to die".

"They give a loud warning about dreadful issues raised within the Internet community, such as post-truth, political culture and the growth of angry nationalists around the planet," said the designers.

Lemon In My Eyes by Fiorindi and Florini

"The engraved images and texts prove the present duality of technology, both as a tool for escapism and a way to be part of the system," they explained. "The project reflects upon the relevance of a digital actuality playing with the humorous paradox of superstition coexisting with algorithms."

Lemon In My Eyes was on show at Alcova from 17 to 22 April as part of Milan design week 2018.

Also showing at Alcova was Dutch studio Belén, who presented her line of all-natural, textile-based products, and Royal College of Art graduate Christophe Machet, who uses a huge custom-built CNC machine to transform sewage pipes into chairs.