British Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennale, drone photography by Cultureshock Media

This week, Dezeen was in Venice and our drone documentary premiered

This week, Dezeen was in Venice for the architecture biennale, where we spoke to its curators Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, reviewed the British Pavilion, and had screenings of our drone documentary, Elevation.

At the biennale architecture firm Caruso St John and artist Marcus Taylor installed a huge platform on the roof of the British Pavilion to create a metaphor about Brexit.

Swiss Pavilion invites you to explore bland rental homes as if you're Alice in Wonderland

Also in Venice we visited the Swiss Pavilion where the scale of fixtures and fittings had been altered to give visitors an Alice In Wonderland experience.

Huge blobs that inflate and deflate in response to changing environmental conditions were installed at the Nordic Pavilion, while the over 10,000 plants were used to recreate the grassland of southeast Victoria inside Australia's pavilion.

Elevation New York launch
Dezeen's "mind-blowing" drone documentary Elevation premieres in New York

In New York, Dezeen's documentary Elevation, an 18-minute movie that looks at how drones will transform cities, was shown for the first time, at a premier attended by leading artists and designers. The premiere was followed by screenings in London and Venice.

To coincide with the launch of the film, Dezeen rounded up 10 ways that drones are being used to change the world, from urban delivery systems to robot bees.

MacBook and MacBook Pro users in California filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple 
MacBook and MacBook Pro users in California filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple 

Technology made further headlines this week as MacBook and MacBook Pro users in California filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over alleged flaws in the design of its keyboards, which they claim are easily damaged and liable to fail. 

On a more positive note, research coordinated by Carlo Ratti, architect and director of MIT's Senseable City Lab, found that taxi numbers could be reduced by half if human drivers were replaced with robots.

Tobias Trübenbacher creates furniture from pig bladders and cow intestines

In design, several products were made from unusual materials. Student Tobias Trübenbacher unveiled a pair of chairs made from pig bladders and cow intestines, in a bid to find the "inner values" of animal offal.

Tokyo-based designer Kosuke Araki revealed a collection of table wear made by combining burnt inedible food waste with "animal glue", which he made by from the bones and skin of animal offcuts.

Macallan Distillery by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Rolling wildflower roof covers Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners-designed Scottish distillery

Popular projects on Dezeen this week included a solid wood furniture range launched by Foster + Partners, a Scottish distillery covered in a rolling wildflower roof, and an off-grid shelter with walls that can be opened using pulleys.