Jacob Jensen creates minimalist bathroom collection for Cotto
Skive by Cotto

Jacob Jensen Design creates minimalist bathroom collection for Cotto

Dezeen promotion: Danish studio Jacob Jensen Design looked to modern Scandinavian design to create this minimalist bathroom collection for Cotto.

Skive by Cotto

Named after the Danish municipality Skive, the collection for Cotto features a washbasin, faucet, toilet and shower panel.

"[The] Skive collection embodies beautifully curated forms with naturally inspired colours and finishes rooted in modern Scandinavian lifestyle," said Jacob Jensen Design.

Skive by Cotto

"User-driven and functionally versatile, the Skive collection is conceptualised from the balance of contrasts between organised yet disorganised spaces, coldness and warmth;  all pivotal characteristics of modern Scandinavian interiors," Jacob Jensen Design continued.

According to Jacob Jensen Design, the collection takes visual cues from the geographical setting surrounding the Skive municipality. "The design of Skive collection translates the design studio's unique geographical setting by the coastline surrounding the municipality into the forms and details of the products."

Skive by Cotto

The first item in the series is a washbasin, which features a white ceramic basin with a sloped surfaces and thin ridges. The drain is rectangular and has thin grooves surrounding it.

"The structure of the washbasin follows the evolution of living spaces where operational areas are being enlarged and functionality is held in high regard."

Skive by Cotto

"The dry and wet areas are clearly defined and organised to optimise daily use," said Jacob Jensen Design. "

The angled sides and geometric appearance of surfaces create a graphic expression with a distinct architectural appeal. Inspired by traditional washing cords, thin ridges are integrated to the right slope of the basin."

The basin is complemented by a wooden tray that is designed to rest across the basin for storing personal bathroom accessories, such as soap and flannels. "The tray can be freely placed on the basin to suit your specific need or simply be put on the countertop as a bathroom organiser," said the brand.

Skive by Cotto

The basin's tap  is made of black-coated brass and has a right-angled shape.

Also in the collection is a toilet, which has a geometric, minimalist appearance with a white ceramic finish and a black flush. It has a square seat and a structure that tapers in at the bottom.

Skive by Cotto

Described as an "ultra-modern, streamlined, monolithic piece", the shower panel has a matte-black coating and is operated via a touchscreen controller that allows users to choose and save preferred temperatures and water flow.

It has both an overhead shower with multiple nozzles and a head shower that attaches to the main structure using magnets.

Skive by Cotto

More information can be found on Cotto's website.

Established in 1958, Jacob Jensen Design is best known for its work with audio product company Bang & Olufsen and creating the brand's minimal design language.

This year's Salone del Mobile saw many brands exhibit their minimal bathroom designs. Elsewhere, Norm Architects has created a bathroom collection for small-space living.