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IKEA recalls Lurvig water dispenser for pets

IKEA recalls Lurvig water dispenser for pets following dog deaths

Swedish retail giant IKEA has urged customers to return a water-dispensing dome, after two dogs suffocated when their heads became trapped.

IKEA has put out a statement recalling the Lurvig water dispenser for pets, with the warning that it is hazardous to animals, after it was reported that two dogs had died using it.

The product, which retailed at $7.99 (£6), has also been pulled from shelves, while customers who previously purchased one are being encouraged to return it to any IKEA store for a full refund.

IKEA recalls Lurvig water dispenser for pets
The Lurvig water dispenser features a reservoir designed to keep the water bowl topped up, but it has proved to be a suffocation hazard

"At IKEA, the safety and security of our products is our top priority, which is why we have decided to recall the Lurvig water dispenser," said Petra Axdorff, business area manager at IKEA, in the statement.

"We are deeply saddened by these events, and know that pets are important and loved family members for many of our customers."

The water dispenser featured a clear dome that replenished water in the black plastic dish below, allowing owners to ensure their pets' water didn't run out as fast.

It was one of 62 items in the Lurvig range of reasonably priced pet accessories that launched in October 2017.

Designed by Valencia-based designer Inma Bermudéz, in collaboration with vet Barbara Schäfer, the range also includes cocoon-like inserts for Kallax shelving units for cats to hide in, and a bowl that helps greedy dogs eat slower.

No other products in the range have been reported as being affected.

This isn't the first time that IKEA has had to recall a product amid safety concerns. In June 2016 it had to recall millions of Malm dressers – one of its most popular designs – after three toddlers were killed when the item of furniture tipped over on top of them.

Two young children in the USA had died in separate incidents in 2014, prompting the retail giant to issue free wall-anchoring kits to stabilise the storage units. When a third child was killed in February 2016, the Malm dressers were taken off the market.