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Chaud by Charlotte Jonckheer

Charlotte Jonckheer makes side tables from recycled paper and stone dust

Belgian designer Charlotte Jonckheer has created two side tables with stone tops supported by curved recycled paper and stone dust legs.

The two side tables are named Chaud, which is also the name that Jonckheer has given to the paper and stone composite material she developed to make them with.

Chaud by Charlotte Jonckheer

The material arose out of research that Jonckheer was conducting into how outdoor materials like stone could be made to feel warm and soft to the touch.

Chaud is a handmade material, created by pressing together recycled paper pulp and stone dust. While the sheets of the composite is still wet, they can be configured into any shape using a mould. As it dries in the air, the material takes on a dappled texture and a pale, stone-like aesthetic.

Chaud by Charlotte Jonckheer

The variety in the recycled material's colour and texture means that any object made from it has its own signature look and feel.

"In my design language I like to contrast strong graphic lines with soft materials and tactility," Jonckheer told Dezeen. "Here you have two materials that have similarities on the surface but have a completely different feel and material qualities."

Chaud by Charlotte Jonckheer

The tabletops and horseshoe-shaped bottoms are made of Beige dei Medici stone, sourced from Belgian suppliers Hullebusch, while the curved body of the table is made from chaud.

The chaud material is flexible and strong, able to hold the weight of the stone as well as provide stability to the whole piece.

Sustainability is an important element of the design process for Jonckheer. The paper is made of salvaged offcuts from local print shops and its untreated nature makes it fully recyclable.

"But my primary concern with sustainability is the use of a design object," explained Jonckheer. "I'm fascinated by researching the value someone gives to the design which surrounds him, making him want to keep and treasure an object."

The Antwerp-based designer established her studio in 2015 and explores the interactions between a person and the environment.

"My studio's main focus is the emotional value sparked by the use of a design object. Inspired by perceptions in nature and human behaviour I play with anticipation and familiarisation to create designs which intrigue their user and activate interaction.

The Chaud side tables were launched at Salone de Mobile 2018 during Milan design week as part of the Brut Collective, which featured the work of six emerging Belgian designers. They are currently on show until 31 August at St Vincents concept space and cafe in Belgium.

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Chaud by Charlotte Jonckheer
Chaud by Charlotte Jonckheer