This week, Melbourne chose a new supertall skyscraper and Serena Williams enlisted Virgil Abloh

This week on Dezeen, UNStudio won the competition to design Australia's new tallest building, and fashion designer Virgil Abloh teamed up with Nike to dress Serena Williams for the US Open.

UNStudio and its partner, Australian firm Cox Architecture, saw off competition from several other well known studios, including BIG, MAD and OMA, to win the commission the £1.1 billion landmark development.

Called Green Spine, the project will consist of twin towers that will stand more than 30 metres higher than Australia's current tallest building.

Virgil Abloh and Nike to dress Serena Williams for the US Open

Nike unveiled a black ballerina-style dress, a bomber jacket and tagged "Queen of Queens" sneakers this week, designed by Virgil Abloh for Serena Williams to wear during this year's US Open.

Abloh described his aim as "blurring the lines of sport and fashion".

Wikipedia leaks surprising streetwear collaboration
Wikipedia leaks surprising streetwear collaboration

In other fashion news, Vollebak launched a pioneering jacket made using graphene, allowing it to act as a radiator, while Wikipedia teamed up with Los Angeles-based label Advisory Board Crystals to launch a streetwear collection.

Ponte Morandi bridge collapses in Genoa during storm

In construction news, the Ponte Morandi bridge in Genoa collapsed during a storm, raising questions about the maintenance of built infrastructure in Italy.

Elsewhere, research revealed that construction workers are the worst affected by opioid-related overdose deaths in Massachusetts.

Hannah Rozenberg develops online tool for designing architecture without gender bias

Diversity was a topic of discussion this week, after Royal College of Art graduate Hannah Rozenberg developed a digital tool that calculates the underlying gender bias in English architectural terms, to help create more gender-neutral environments.

Two designers also illustrated 488 scale figures for use in architectural drawings, featuring characters of different ages, skin tones and gender identities. 

Called Cutout Mix, the project is a response to the "growing need for more emotional diverse cutouts populating design renders".

Outdoor urinals cause uproar after being installed on Paris streets

Also this week, it emerged that open-air public urinals have been installed all over Paris, resulting in protests from both residents and businesses.

In response to the furore, local mayor Ariel Weil insisted that the urinals were needed, saying: "If we don’t do anything, then men are just going to pee in the streets".

Tourists hotel in The Berkshires takes cues from classic American motor lodges

Popular projects on Dezeen this week included a wood-clad inn in the US based on "the aesthetic of a classic American motor lodge", a zero-emissions holiday cabin in Finland and a playground for chickens and children in Vietnam.