Summer Norman

"Made me like Norman Foster more than I ever thought I could"

In this week's comments update, readers think that Norman Foster's Instagrammable summer is both brilliant and tragic.

Summer Norman: this week we took a look back at the best of Norman Foster's summer Instagram posts, prompting a mixed response from commenters.

"I am kind of grateful that the great architects of the past did not survive long enough to live the social network era," lamented Hishammatar.

Fransesco added: "What a contemporary self(ie) celebration!"

Others though, including Yethica, adored the Instagram posts commenting: "These kind of made me like Norman Foster more than I ever thought I could."

"What a great man. He doesn't even look that old!" added Andrea Rizzotto.

For one reader, there was clear question to be answered:

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MPK 21 by Frank Gehry

Architecture likes: Frank Gehry's major extension to his existing building, MPK 20, at Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters, has divided readers.

"It's new because it's for humans and for servers. I like how Gehry handled it," complimented Karol B.

"They picked the right guy for the job. Frank Gehry's designs are outstanding masterpieces," commented The American Mansion.

Not all readers agreed though, including Mr Walnut Grey who said: "These giant tech companies do love their architectural vanity projects. They have an insatiable desire to make employees feel part of a so-called community. It's like an ode to conformity."

An annoyed Heywoodfloyd added: "Pretty disingenuous to claim they aren't turning their back on the neighbourhood when the building is three times the height of nearby houses."

One reader wondered how the project was funded:

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Zaha Hadid's Miami apartment

Through the keyhole: photos have surfaced of the late Zaha Hadid's Miami Beach apartment that she designed for herself, and it has not been well received by readers.

"Never been a fan of the overrated Zaha Hadid, but this is awful even by her own standards. She can't really have lived there, can she?" quizzed a flabbergasted Jean d'Agreve.

"Something very wrong here. It just isn't Zaha. Looks like the work of an intern," suggested Ashish Thakur.

For In Menso, the apartment had a very particular look: "Her architecture is 100 per cent drug lord friendly."

The Huey was also less than impressed by the apartment, suggesting it: "Needs refurbished."

Not all readers felt the same though:

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Goop x CB2

A (list) for effort: readers haven't been able to help but mock the first furniture and homeware collection launched by Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, Goop.

"If this Goop was 'designed' by a mere mortal it probably wouldn't have seen the light of day," offered Tom.

"Coincidentally, every item in the new Home Collection is also useful for good health," joked Arc.

"And it's gluten free," added Obesa Adipose.

"'Vanity playing on a weak mind produces all sorts of mischief,' Jeremy Northam said to Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie Emma. Life indeed does imitate art," concluded Chris Becket.

Paltrow wasn't the only celebrity on one reader's mind:

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