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Grohe's Blue Home and Red taps provide instant boiling or sparkling water

Dezeen promotion: kitchen and bathroom brand Grohe has unveiled a range of tap fittings that provide various types of filtered water, including chilled, kettle-hot or sparkling.

The German company has recently launched two new products: the Grohe Blue Home, which produces different types of chilled drinking water, and the Grohe Red, which offers boiling water on demand.

Grohe Blue Home combines a high-end kitchen tap with sophisticated water cooler technology. Three settings allow the choice between cold filtered water, sparkling water or mildly sparkling water.

With a five-step filtration process, the Blue tap supplies perfectly tasting water free of the smallest particles and impurities. Minerals in the water that are beneficial to health are left behind in the water.

In addition to the convenience of filtered water, the Grohe Blue Home also reduces the need for plastic bottles and increases a household's sustainability.

"It takes an astonishing seven litres of water just to produce a single litre of bottled water. Not to mention the carbon emissions. When you choose Grohe Blue Home that means a huge reduction of 61 per cent compared to bottled water," explained the company.

Grohe Red delivers water at 99 degrees Celsius – hot enough for making tea or cooking with water straight from the tap.

This feature saves time waiting for the kettle or stovetop to boil as well as saving energy used boiling excess water as users need only take the amount of water they need.

Ensuring household safety around the boiling water was an essential consideration when the designers at Grohe created the Red. The tap features a unique safety lock to prevent children from being able to access the hot water.

"When you choose Grohe Red you can be sure of choosing safety first," said the brand. "Grohe Red has passed the German TÜV test, the independent body that confirms that the applicable safety requirements and quality standards have been met."

The Red tap also has a patented aerator that ensures that the stream of boiling water flows smoothly without splattering. When the user breaks contact with the button, the cut-off function instantly stops the flow of water.

A pot-filler function can also be activated to keep the water flowing so that both hands are free to hold a heavy pot. Up to three litres of boiling water is available at a single time.

Both Blue Home and Red feature mixed taps to access tap water at any desired temperature. A mixer valve combines Grohe Red's kettle-hot water with cold water to provide warm water immediately from the kitchen tap, reducing waste water.

Either tap can be fitted alongside an existing kitchen tap to add the benefits of the Blue Home or the Red to an established kitchen.

Grohe describes itself as the world's leading provider of sanitary fittings. The brand's aims to create products that combine form and function, to improve the lives of their customers.

Earlier this year the brand revealed its Cube collection, a range of ceramic bathroom products featuring minimalist and "urban-inspired" shapes.