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"There's only so many ways you can twist or sweep a box"

In this week's comments update, readers are comparing OMA's design for a pair of towers in New York to the work of fellow architecture studio BIG.  

Twins: commenters have pointed out similarities between OMA's designs for a pair of residential towers in Brooklyn with various buildings by Bjarke Ingels' studio.

"A literal copy of BIG's design for 2WTC," observed Heywood Floyd. "That's the problem with this digitally tyrannised geometric form chasing, there's only so many ways you can twist or sweep a box."

Jacob Volanski agreed: "As a student, I have been brought up with the false assumption that an operational diagram justifies form. I feel like BIG poisoned my mind during freshman year."

"The reason I personally find BIG's (and OMA's to a degree) architecture so bland is that they stop at the diagrammatic portion of concept," replied Hellfire. "Almost every single BIG design is just a diagram."

Rob Rohena was less opinionated: "I don't hate it but I don't necessarily love it either."

Ultimately though, a majority of readers agreed that the project had a recognisable style:

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Bauhaus logos

Identity theft: creative platform 99designs has given the logos of Adidas, BMW, Netflix, Lego and more a Bauhaus-inspired makeover, and the results have received mixed reviews.

"I actually love these, particularly the Lego one," enthused James Beckett.

"This is nice," agreed Leo. "Some logos remind me of the work of Büro Destruct."

Odibex also gave high-praise, but for one logo only: "As a (former-ish) Adidas fan, the Adidas one's great, and really the only one I can see actually being used."

On the other hand, Spadestick concluded that all of the designs were bad. "Awful," he wrote.

Whether this reader gives the thumbs up or not is unclear:

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World's most expensive car Bugatti's €11 million La Voiture Noire is the "world's most expensive car"

Blacklisted: not everyone is convinced that La Voiture Noire, a one-off sports car designed by Bugatti, is worth the €11 million an anonymous buyer paid after the car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

"I would be impressed if we were still in the 90s," said Rodrigo Galvan-Duque sarcastically.

TKO was equally unimpressed: "That much money and you couldn't figure out what to do with the windscreen wiper? Too busy adding exhaust pipes, clearly."

"Naff sub-Batman-quality styled dork-mobile," added a particularly uncomplimentary Fling.

"Epic blindspot, even for a supercar," concluded Heywood Floyd.

This reader was reminded of a famous song:

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10 Flat Bottle Case Garcon Wines flat pack

Flat-pack: commenters can't agree whether Garçon Wines' "greener" design for a case that fits 10 flat wine bottles rather than four regular shaped ones is clever or not.

"The designer is mixing a bottle that's easily tipped with people who are tippling – I can just about guarantee the outcome," criticised Obesa Adipose.

Chucky was concerned about something else: "It's not at all surprising their initial idea centred around making more profit, with the whole 'save the planet' schtick coming later."

"I am noticing there is no mention that this bottle is also recyclable to close the circle," added Rob. "Will this bottle end up floating in the ocean with a love letter inside waiting to be scooped up by the next green-ocean-gathering-invention?"

Nicole D was less harsh: "Excellent concept. I love that they save space on your shelf at home as well. The only con is that the bottles are plastic."

The plastic bottle didn't put off this commenter though:

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