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Grohe unveils duo of 3D metal-printed taps

Dezeen promotion: German bathroom and kitchen manufacturer Grohe has used 3D printing to reimagine two of its popular tap styles.

The Atrio Icon 3D and Allure Brilliant Icon 3D taps have been crafted using 3D metal-printing, with both models made up of around 4,700 layers of steel that are each 0.06 millimetres thick.

The designs are based on the appearance of Grohe's existing Atrio and Allure Brilliant ranges.

3D printed taps by Grohe: Atrio Icon 3D and Allure Brilliant Icon 3D
Grohe's Atrio Icon 3D is made from 4,700 layers of 3D metal-printed steel

Grohe is the first leading sanitary company in Europe to employ the use of 3D printing manufacturing techniques and is hoping it will "redefine the possibilities" of creating unique bathroom fittings better suited to customers' varying tastes.

The German manufacturer also thinks that the 3D metal-printing process will result in a more efficient use of materials and thus more refined tap designs.

"This production method offers the option to design faucets in small quantities according to the wishes of our customers. There are no limits set for individual personalisation," explained Michael Seum, vice president of design at Grohe.

3D printed taps by Grohe: Atrio Icon 3D and Allure Brilliant Icon 3D
The Allure Brilliant Icon 3D is designed to "suspend belief"

The Atrio Icon 3D model features a thin, curved spout with a subtle groove running down the middle, while the Allure Brilliant Icon 3D is more angular in shape and has an entirely hollow centre.

"We wanted to sort of suspend belief, to take elements away from [the product] so that when you look at it, you almost can't believe that the faucets work," added Seum.

Both styles are available in a brushed steel finish, with matching hot and cold handles.

3D printed taps by Grohe: Atrio Icon 3D and Allure Brilliant Icon 3D
The brand hopes that 3D printing will make the manufacturing process more efficient

Grohe is headquartered in Düsseldorf and has been producing bathroom and kitchen fittings for over 80 years. In a bid to reduce paper wastage, at the end of last year the brand created a "shower toilet" that naturally cleans users with water.

It has also recently developed an intuitive shower system that remembers users' spray power and water flow preferences.

To find out more about Grohe's 3D printed tap range, visit its website.