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Dune House by Studio Viktor Sørless

Studio Viktor Sørless models "cinematic" Dune House on Roman Polanski movie

Cantilevering living spaces laden with "cinematic qualities" and giant windows will define Studio Viktor Sørless' Dune House in Denmark.

Under construction in Hvide Sande, the dwelling was designed by Studio Viktor Sørless for a film enthusiast that wanted a residence that nodded to The Ghost Writer – a movie directed by Roman Polanski, which features an isolated beachfront home.

Dune House by Studio Viktor Sørless

Like The Ghost Writer dwelling, Dune House will be distinguished by a natural materials and punctured by giant windows.

These windows are designed by the Norwegian studio to invite natural light and strong coastal winds to enter the house, creating a theatrical, unpredictable atmosphere.

Dune House by Studio Viktor Sørless

"We prioritised the client's request for a living building with 'cinematic qualities'," explained the studio's director Viktor Sørless.

"The windows are supposed to create intriguing views and curtains were placed in every room to emphasise the movement of the wind," he told Dezeen.

"Light was used as material, too. The angle of light wanders with the sun and changes throughout the day and determines a cinematic mood and message."

Dune House by Studio Viktor Sørless

From the outside, Dune House will be distinguished by its cross-shaped form. Balancing on a central column, it will be made from local stone and topped by a green roof.

The central column will enclose an elevator and gallery that provides access to the elevated living spaces, which are divided into four quarters.

One segment contains a living room and study, while the three others will contain a dining room, bedrooms and a kitchen respectively.

Though little detail has been disclosed about Dune House's internal finishes, each living space will also resemble the dwelling featured in The Ghostwriter – lined with natural colours and materials.

The dominant colour throughout the space will be beige, chosen by Studio Viktor Sørless to evoke sand, while a statement furniture piece will include bespoke kitchen unit made from rammed earth.

Dune House by Studio Viktor Sørless

The Ghost Writer (released as The Ghost in the UK) is a screen adaptation of a novel by Robert Harris.

Wes Anderson is another director who has created films that have informed architecture and design projects.

In 2017 Biasol designed a Chinese cafe informed by The Grand Budapest Hotel, and earlier this year Asthetíque completed a restaurant in Moscow called The Y that draws on the stylised sets of his films.

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Dune House by Studio Viktor Sørless
Floor plan
Dune House by Studio Viktor Sørless