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Tree Suites by Peter Pichler

Explore winter retreats on this week's Pinterest board

Our updated winter retreats Pinterest board showcases architecture in cold locations, including luxury treehouses in Austria and an Alpine chalet with panoramic views. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest or visit our updated board to see more.

Eastwind Hotel Catskill glamping pods
A-framed cabins in the Eastwind Hotel offer a cosy retreat in New York's Catskill Mountains

New additions to the Pinterest board include holiday resorts designed to offer escape from cities, such as the glamping pods at Eastwood Hotel in New York and a renovated New Jersey lodge by Chad and Courtney Ludeman.

The Ski Lodge by dKA Architects
Residents of this ski lodge in Val Saint-Côme can warm themselves around a central fireplace

Other images you can find on the board show buildings designed for winter-sports enthusiasts, including the sloping roofs of YH2's cabin in Montreal, which is designed to make the most of views of the snowy scenery, and a ski lodge in Val Saint-Côme with a black fireplace at its centre.

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