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Tetra Soap is designed to look like concrete structures

Five soaps designed to refresh hand washing

With the coronavirus outbreak drawing attention to the importance of hand washing, we've rounded up soaps designed to upgrade the cleaning experience.

Tetra Soap is designed to look like concrete structures

Tetra Soap

Featuring a texture similar to the surface of raw concrete, this tetrahedral-shaped grey soap bar is ideal for brutalist design fans. The soap takes its name and shape from tetrapods, which are interlocking reinforced-concrete forms that are usually used for sea defence.

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Yujia Bian creates architecture soap for Oslo Architecture Triennale

Architecture Soap by Yujia Bian

The word architecture is cast into these translucent bars of soap and will slowly wear away the more that hands are washed. The bars were created by researcher Yujia Bian as part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale to question the idea of creating pristine works of architecture.

"Through usage, the text on the soap disappears," Bian told Dezeen. "Perhaps it's a symbolic performance that says: when Architecture with a capital A disappears, what it tries to, and claims to, achieve could eventually take place."

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Central Saint Martins post-graduate student Mi Zhou has created Soapack, sustainable bottles for toiletries cast from soap

Soapack by Mi Zhou

Central Saint Martins post-graduate student Mi Zhou created these toiletry bottles to be used as soaps once their content is finished. Each of the Soapack bottles was made from vegetable oil-based soap that was formed in a mould. They are each dyed using pigments from minerals, plants and flowers.

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Soap by Jasper Morrison x Good Thing

Soap by Jasper Morrison x Good Thing

This no-frills soap bar by British designer Jasper Morrison comes as a block of four that can be snapped apart and placed in different stations around the house. The simple bars are decorated only with the word soap.

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Form Us With Love cuts down on plastic with Forgo powder-to-liquid soap 

Forgo by Form Us With Love

Swedish design studio Form Us With Love's Forgo comprises a sachet of concentrated powder that can be mixed with tap water to make hand wash. The product is designed to minimise carbon emissions connected with delivery and avoid plastic packaging.

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