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Fountain of Hygiene hand sanitiser competition 

Fountain of Hygiene competition calls on designers to rethink hand sanitisers amid coronavirus pandemic

Experience designer Bompas & Parr has launched a design competition to rethink hand sanitisers to encourage hand-washing during the coronavirus pandemic while raising money for charity.

The Fountain of Hygiene competition calls for designers to propose new forms of hand-sanitiser pumps as well as more creative hygiene solutions.

Shortlisted entries will be displayed in the Design Museum in London and auctioned by Christie's auction house to raise money for the British Red Cross.

The charity is setting up a fund to help people around the world without access to good healthcare to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Details of the fund will be announced shortly.

Fountain of Hygiene hand sanitiser competition 
Fountain of Hygiene is a competition to redesign hand sanitisers

"Bompas & Parr invites creatives, designers, makers and architects to design takes on the sanitiser pumps now on counters across the globe," said Bompas & Parr. "The results will be displayed at the Design Museum in early April and auctioned by Christie's to raise money for The British Red Cross."

"Through the creation of elevated rethinking of sanitiser pumps and dispense units, this open competition seeks to encourage the use of sanitising alcohol gels in both the public and domestic realms," the studio added.

"Participants are free to choose to design or embellish sanitiser pumps, sprays, wipes, dispense units or even gestures and rituals."

Fountain of Hygiene hand sanitiser competition 
Bompas & Parr launched the competition to encourage hand-washing

Thorough hand-washing has been identified as one of the key ways people can help minimise their chances of catching Covid-19, the disease caused by coronavirus. Other recommended lifestyle changes include social distancing to minimise contact with others, and self-isolating if you develop symptoms.

The competition is a collaboration between Bompas & Parr, the Design Museum and Christie's, with Dezeen as media partner.

Shortlisted designs will be published on Dezeen. If the coronavirus pandemic prevents a physical exhibition taking place at the Design Museum, it will be replaced by a digital exhibition.

Fountain of Hygiene hand sanitiser competition 
The design competition will raise money for the British Red Cross

"I've always had a bit of a phobia for sanitiser pumps and dispensing units, much preferring a regular bar of soap," said Harry Parr, director of Bompas & Parr. "I hope the extraordinary work we anticipate will make using alcohol gels a joy for everyone."

"Developing widely adopted strategies for safely socialising is essential for the continued dynamism of the global economy," added Sam Bompas. "Humans are social beings and the right artefacts have a role in getting us through."

"Design has an important role in helping to solve many of the challenges that we face in daily life including some of those raised by the recent Covid-19 outbreak," said Tim Marlow, chief executive and director of the Design Museum.

"We hope that the shortlisted entries of the sanitiser design competition will demonstrate the importance of research and innovative thinking. We look forward to seeing the entries at the museum and raising money for an important cause."

More details of the competition can be found here. The entry deadline is 29 March.