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Telar furniture collection by Paola Lenti

Telar seating collection by Paola Lenti

Dezeen Showroom: Elastic belts dressed with colourful yarn decorate Paola Lenti's playful Telar collection of matching outdoor seating.

Telar comprises a chaise, ottoman and dining chair, each made from a glossy stainless steel body around which the vivid elastic is handwoven to form an open double-weave.

The collection references tensile architectural structures and is intended to offer the sitter maximum comfort – negating the need for padding or cushions. The elastic belts are available with yarn in solid colours or with a combination of two shades.

Telar is one of the three collections at the VDF products fair that is being showcased by DDC – a New York-based showroom and curator of modern design.

"Embodying the joyful sophistication that is part and parcel of Paola Lenti, Telar is an easy and buoyant addition to the brand's decorated catalogue," said DDC.

"Inspired by the simple, tectonic beauty of tensile structures in architecture, Telar's open double-weave plays on the very same principles of elasticity and material tension to comfortably cushion the sitter, without requiring the heft of traditional padding."

Product: Telar
Brand: Paola Lenti
Contact address: [email protected]

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Telar furniture collection by Paola Lenti
Telar furniture collection by Paola Lenti