Wasting Reality by Nina Wagner

Ten industrial design projects by Zurich University of the Arts students

This Virtual Design Festival school show features work by industrial design students from the Zurich University of the Arts, including a deceptive VR experience and a handbook that addresses waste in design.

The projects were developed by students studying for the BA and MA diplomas at the Swiss university, taught by Hanspeter Wirth, Lisa Ochsenbein, Susanne Marti, Roland Eberle, Martin Meier and Aela Frizzi.

Zurich University of the Arts

University: Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
Course: Industrial Design
Studios: BA and MA diplomas
Tutors: Hanspeter Wirth, Lisa Ochsenbein, Susanne Marti, Roland Eberle, Martin Meier and Aela Frizzi

Course statement:

"We are living amid a breathtaking wave of innovation. Technological developments are following another at an electrifying pace.

"This raises the question of how innovations can be designed without overwhelming or alienating us. This year's industrial design graduates at Zurich University of the Arts have found some very inspiring answers."

Batvision – by Raffaele Grosjean and Eliane Zihlmann with ZHdK's Immersive Arts Space

Batvision – by Raffaele Grosjean and Eliane Zihlmann with ZHdK's Immersive Arts Space

"Can you see in the dark by listening to the echos of your shouts? Batvision explores the sense of echolocation out of a bats perception.

"The VR-experience visualises the bat's auditory image and allows a tangible experience on what it is like, to be a bat.  Surrounded by complete darkness, the virtual world only becomes visible through the users' verbal engagement (shouts).

"Batvision uses immersive technology, to help us comprehend unobtainable knowledge that can be perceivable by our own mind, thus raising awareness of an endangered species."

Name: Raffaele Grosjean and Eliane Zihlmann with ZHdK's Immersive Arts Space
Project: Batvision – Understanding the World of Bats
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: www.batvision.ch
Contact address: team@batvision.ch

Wasting Reality by Nina Wagner

Wasting Reality by Nina Wagner

"How does VR enable consumer criticism? Wasting Reality explores this question as an experimental VR experience.

"Viewers initially believe they have entered an ideal illusory world, before realising that the encountered objects increasingly reveal their dark sides. A confrontation with our own finiteness and that of consumer goods."

Name: Nina Wagner
Project: Wasting Reality – VR-based Consumer Criticism
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: wagners.design/wasting-reality
Contact address: info@wagners.design

FairPods by Timo Flury

FairPods by Timo Flury

"Battery-powered wireless headphones have become resource-intensive, difficult to repair and short-lived, disposable products. Besides, they are barely adaptable to different user needs.

"The FairPods concept solves both problems. Its modular design ensures a secure fit and optimal wearing comfort for each ear and is extendable to different activities. All components can be easily updated or replaced.

"FairPods are more comfortable, can be used individually and, thanks to their long service life, are more sustainable than conventional headphones."

Name: Timo Flury
Project: FairPods – Individual, durable headphones
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/fairpods-konfiguriere-deinen-reparierbaren-kopfhoerer
Contact address: timoflury@outlook.com

Long Limbs Prosthetics by Vasili Skorominik with Dario Messerli

Long Limbs Prosthetics by Vasili Skorominik with Dario Messerli

"The project has been commissioned by the International Committee of the Red Cross
to further develop an existing prosthesis system for use in crisis areas.

"Long Limbs Prosthetics allows the simple replacement of worn or defective individual parts. The modular design enables adaptation to individual needs.

"The system consists of four components: a foot shell made of elastic polyurethane in various colours and sizes; a keel connecting the foot to the joint; an ankle joint connecting the keel to the actual leg prosthesis; and a heavy-duty nut inside the prosthesis."

Name: Vasili Skorominik with Dario Messerli (mechanical engineering)
Project: Long Limbs Prosthetics – An Interchangeable Prosthetic System for Long Stump Amputees
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/long-limbs-prosthetics-an-interchangeable-prosthetic-system-for-long-stump-amputees
Contact address: vasili.skoromnik@bluewin.ch

Safeel Protectors – Staying safe in daily life by Stefanie Keller and Werner Samira

Safeel Protectors by Stefanie Keller and Werner Samira

"Falls are a risk factor with increasing age or due to chronic disease. Injuries and their consequences can be fatal. Safeel helps prevent these adverse effects by protecting hips, knees and elbows, thus making people at risk of falling feel safer.

"Effortless fitting and simple application mean users remain independent and need no extra help. Safeel design addresses the needs of those affected, promotes quality of life and supports self-confidence."

Name: Stefanie Keller and Werner Samira
Project: Safeel Protectors – Staying safe in daily life
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/safeel-protektorenfamilie-sicher-durch-den-alltag
Contact address: stefaniekeller96@hotmail.com and samirawerner@bluewin.ch

Supercloud by Tim Hochuli

Supercloud by Tim Hochuli

"Cyclists eager to keep peddling even in rain can choose from a wide range of products. These, however, are rarely used due to their one-sided functionality and lack of aesthetic appeal.

"Ghost perfectly fits everyday urban life thanks to its easy handling, unobtrusive aesthetics and versatile use. A few simple moves transform Ghost from a high-quality rain jacket into effective cycling protection. An all-weather companion, as flexible as a bicycle."

Name: Tim Hochuli
Project: Supercloud – Ghost
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/supercloud-ghost
Contact address: hochulitim@gmx.ch

Simplx by Benjamin Josi with Hylomorph

Simplx by Benjamin Josi with Hylomorph

"The main complication caused by pacemakers is scar tissue around the implant. Hylomate – a biosynthetic material developed by Hylomorph – prevents scarring. However, its adhesive properties have long complicated use.

"Simplx enables surgeons to readily use the Hylomate pouch in the operating theatre. Its asymmetrical funnel shape with defined grip positions meets the requirements of usability, sterility and aesthetics during surgical procedures."

Name: Benjamin Josi with Hylomorph
Project: Simplx – Hylomate Surgical Applicator
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/simplx-hylomate-surgical-applicator
Contact address: benjamin.josi@outlook.com

Shair by Nicolà Borrer and Stefan Rauch 

Shair by Nicolà Borrer and Stefan Rauch 

"Self-hire micro-mobility is becoming increasingly popular. Numerous private providers advertise their concepts as ecological. In reality, however, they are anything but ecological and also cause various problems between users, providers and the public.

"Shair goes outside the box and questions existing micro-mobility solutions. It replaces the harmful battery with compressed air storage while retaining the electric motor. The effect: long life, short charging time.

"Shair opens up new opportunities for air pressure drive with the expanding field of micro-mobility."

Name: Nicolà Borrer and Stefan Rauch
Project: Shair – An air-powered micro-vehicle for urban self-hire
Studio: BA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/shair-ein-druckluft-betriebenes-mikrofahrzeug-fuer-den-urbanen-selbstverleih
Contact address: nicolaborrer@gmail.com and stefan.rauch@bluewin.ch

The Human, Object Relationship by Lea Hess

The Human, Object Relationship by Lea Hess

"We now own more objects than ever. We have become dependent on a cycle that creates ecological problems in the production, use and disposal of objects. Why are some objects loved lifelong whereas others quickly become waste?

"This project consists of a handbook proposing new design principles that address the meaning of objects and consciously incorporate emotions into design development."

Name: Lea Hess
Project: The Human, Object Relationship – Emotional Durability in Design
Studio: MA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/ueber-die-beziehung-zwischen-menschen-und-objekten-emotionale-haltbarkeit-im-design
Contact address: learahelh@gmail.com

Verdant Project by Tanya Rey 

Verdant Project by Tanya Rey 

"Most city-dwellers live mostly indoors, divorced from nature. We need new ways and possibilities to connect with nature. How can digital technologies and classical materials like ceramics help us to integrate natural elements into urban living space?

"Verdant Project fills the gap between digital fabrication and green installation. The design platform provides interior designers with an innovative approach to biophilic design."

Name: Tanya Rey
Project: Verdant Project – Nature Through Digital Fabrication
Studio: MA Diploma
Website: industrialdesign.zhdk.ch/diplom-2020/verdant-project-nature-through-digital-fabrication
Contact address: hola@tanyarey.ch

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