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Live interview with Yuri Suzuki as part of Virtual Design Festival

Yuri Suzuki joined Dezeen for a live Screentime interview as part of Virtual Design Festival.

The Japanese sound artist spoke to Dezeen's founder Marcus Fairs about his work.

Suzuki studied Industrial Design at university before working with Japanese electronic art and design duo Maywa Denki.

Sonic Playground by Yuri Suzuki
Suzuki's Sonic Playground installation in Atlanta, US, distorts noise that passes through it

In 2005, he moved to London to study Product Design at the Royal College of Art and in 2018 he was appointed partner at independent design studio Pentagram.

Suzuki predominantly explores the relationship between music and technology through playful and offbeat designs.

In 2018, he created Sonic Playground – a series of colourful, sound-modifying sculptures resembling twisted pipes, which were installed outside the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, US.

Earlier this year, Suzuki teamed up with toy company Gakken to design the Easy Record Maker. The device enables users to engrave their own vinyl records.

The artist's work often delivers a political message. For example, Suzuki and Pentagram recorded an acid house album to protest Brexit and anti-immigration mentality.

Suzuki is also the creator behind the music for Face to Face – Dezeen's podcast series featuring in-depth interviews with world-leading architects and designers.

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