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Wall&decò's textured wallpapers are designed "to be explored with the hands"

Dezeen promotion: Design-led wallpaper company Wall&decò has created the Essential Wallpaper Collection, which has a range of textures, inlays, engravings and relief patterns.

Each design in the Essential Wallpaper Collection, which have been created by architect André Fu, Milan design agency Studiopepe and  Wall&Deco founder and art director Christian Benini, are united by the fact that they all share a focus on texture.

Milan-based Studiopepe designed the chevron-style Yumi wallpaper for Wall&decò

"Material research is the key to interpreting the Essential Wallpaper Collection," said the brand.

"Since its first edition, it has been based on full collaboration with designers such as Studiopepe and Christian Benini: surfaces to be explored with the hands as well as seen, a universe of micro signs, 3D textures, inlays, engravings and light details in metal that create real bas-reliefs."

Studiopepe also designed the brand's Haru wallpaper, which features fan-like markings

Each of the textured wallpapers is made from non-woven fabric substrate with a vinyl surface layer, making them both decorative and practical.

The paper is washable, is designed to protect against impact and has a high fire-resistance class, making it suitable for use in all areas of the home or office, including bathrooms.

Each of Wall&decò's wallpaper designs prioritise texture, like the Nori range by Studiopepe

The collection was initially launched in 2017 with the Deep, Kinntsu, Alya and Vago designs created by Benini. The range was expanded in 2018 with Milan-based Studiopepe's Nami, Kaze and Yumi wallpapers, Hong Kong architect Fu's Renn design and Zip by Benini.

Five further designs were added in 2019 – Nori, Haru and Asami by Studiopepe, as well as Vago Reloaded and Kintsu Reloaded by Benini.

Wall&Deco founder and art director Christian Benini designed the Vago wallpaper

The Essential Wallpaper Collection was set to be further built upon in 2020, but new releases have been postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Due to its nature, the production of the Essential Wallpaper Collection has an articulated development, which is not part of digital dynamics and requires long processing times, first on the original material element, then on the transposition of this element on printing cylinders that faithfully report the relief and embossing, the colours, the metal lamination," explained the brand.

In this period, due to the health emergency, all those steps that would have led to finalise the new collection, unmistakable in its material identity, were missing.

Each of the wallpapers, like the Asami design by Studiopepe, is made from non-woven fabric substrate

Wall&decò is a design-led wallpaper company founded by photographer Benini, who is also the brand's creative director. To find out more about the Essential Wallpaper Collection visit the Wall&Deco website.

Photography is by Massimo Spada.