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Folk by Allermuir

Allermuir designs flat-pack dining furniture Folk

Dezeen promotion: furniture brand Allermuir and London design studio PearsonLloyd have partnered to design customisable flatpack dining furniture for use in commercial, residential and hospitality environments.

Folk is a collection of dining chairs and tables designed to be "modest, but timeless".

Folk by Allermuir
Folk dining collection by Allermuir and PearsonLloyd comprises chairs and tables for the commercial and residential settings

"Folk has matured into something much more versatile than bistro furniture," Allermuir said. "It's a truly modest, but timeless family of tables, chairs and stools.

"Stripped back with softness and sturdiness, its earthy simplicity is suitable for a diverse range of applications in both home and hospitality environments."

Folk by Allermuir
Folk ables are available in a range of shapes, including square and round, as well as rectangular for use in larger settings

The flatpack sets allow for easy storage, assembly and transport. Small bolts and pre-attached screws fit onto one another to create a "seamless and glueless" design.

"Seamless and glueless, Folk has no visible fixings," Allermuir added. "Its flatpack nature means it can be stored in volume, assembled anywhere in minutes and is always ready to be shipped."

Folk by Allermuir
Folk chairs and stools have rounded legs and feature a curved back bar for added comfort

Each of the tables is available in a range of sizes and shapes, including square and circular for intimate dining settings and rectangular for use in larger rooms. The designs feature slender, rounded legs capped underneath the tabletop with corner knuckles.

Similar to the tables, Folk chairs and stools have circular legs, a thin frame and concealed joints.

Folk by Allermuir
The legs, posts or entire body of the tables and chairs can be coated with one of six colour options, including shades of green, a deep red or black

All of the pieces are customisable with the option to select one of six powder coat paints named Off Black, White, Crayon Grey, Pistachio, Seattle Green and Aubergine. The colours can be added to either the legs, chair posts, tabletop or used to cover the entire piece.

In addition to the range of hues, the furnishings are available in a number of finishes, including wood, plastic and metal, that will patina over time adding to the pieces' timeless nature.

Folk by Allermuir
The flat-pack furniture is easy to assemble and comes with bolts and pre-attached screws that fasten to one another

Allermuir is a furniture brand that designs for offices, homes and public spaces.

It has showrooms in London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Singapore and Birmingham, as well as manufacturing plants in Lancashire, England and Maumee, Ohio.

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Folk by Allermuir
Folk by Allermuir