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Sarah Willemart and Matthieu Muller transform Samsung Eco-Package boxes into animal toys

In this video, Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition finalist Sarah Willemart explains how she created a series of animal companions from Samsung television boxes.

The toys, which Willemart designed together with Matthieu Muller, are called Endangered Animals and intended to help parents teach their children about declining biodiversity.

There are three animal designs, a polar bear, a black rhinoceros and a sea turtle, which can be made from boxes for Samsung's The Sero, The Serif and The Frame televisions.

When children are not playing with the toys, they can be used around the home as decorative pieces of furniture.

The concept is one of five finalists in the Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition to create innovative household objects by repurposing corrugated-cardboard packaging.

The contest draws on Samsung's Eco-Package concept, which aims to reduce waste by providing customers with a way to repurpose their television packaging into new household items.

The finalists were selected from 15 shortlisted designs, which included a planter, a sneaker rack and even an amplifier for mobile phones.