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With less than two weeks left to vote for your favourite Dezeen Awards projects, see which studios received the most support so far

There are less than two weeks left for you to vote for your favourite Dezeen Awards projects and studios. Here is an update on votes cast so far in each of the six studio categories.

The latest voting figures for the architecture, interiors and design categories were shared earlier this week.

Closing on 12 October, the public vote allows readers to vote for projects and studios shortlisted in the architecture, interiors and design categories, as well as architects and designers in line for the studio of the year awards. Winners will receive a special certificate.

Voting is open for another two weeks so get started today!

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Public vote winners announced in October

Public vote winners will be announced from 19 to 22 October. The public vote is separate from the main Dezeen Awards 2020 judging process, in which entries are assessed by professional judges.

We'll be announcing the Dezeen Awards 2020 winners online at the end of November.

Who's ahead in the voting

We've received more than 32,000 verified votes so far. Here is a snapshot of which projects and studios have received the most support. There's still time to influence the results so keep voting!

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MAD, Lever Architecture, NADAAA, Studio Gang, Alison Brooks Architects, and Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect

Architect of the year

28% –MAD Architects
18% – Lever Architecture
18% – NADAA
14% – Studio Gang
14% – Alison Brooks Architects
8% – Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect

Summary, Kooo Architects, Gad Line+ Studio, Proctor & Shaw, and Mamou-Mani

Emerging architect of the year

35% –Summary
22% –Kooo Architects
18% –Gad+ Line Studio
15% –Proctor & Shaw
10% –Mamou-Mani

Studio VDGA, Yabu Pushelberg, Norm Architects, Esrawe Studio, and Atelier Alter

Interior designer of the year

30% –Studio VDGA
23% –Yabu Pushelberg
22% –Norm Architects
16% –Esrawe Studio
9% –Atelier Alter

Youth Studio, Formafatal, Atelier Tao+C, NC Design & Architecture Esoteriko, Roman Izquierdo Bouldstridge, and NJ+ Arquitetos

Emerging interior designer of the year

35% –Youth Studio
18% –Formafatal
14% –Atelier tao+c
13% –NC Design & Architecture
8% –Esoteriko
6% –Roman Izquierdo Bouldstridge
6% –NJ+ Arquitetos

Form Us With Love, Studio INI, Formafantasma, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios, and Fuseproject

Designer of the year

28% –Form Us With Love
24% –Studio INI
21% –Formafantasma
15% –Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios
12% –Fuseproject

Hans Ramzan, Wang & Söderström, The Liminal Space, Shahar Livne, and Valdís Steinarsdóttir

Emerging designer of the year

32% –Hans Ramzan
27% –Wang & Söderström
19% –The Liminal Space
15% –Shahar Livne
7% –Valdís Steinarsdóttir

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