With two weeks left to vote, see the interiors projects winning in the Dezeen Awards 2020 public vote

There are now less than two weeks left for you to vote for your favourite Dezeen Awards projects and studios. Here is an update on votes cast so far in each of the 12 interiors categories.

The voting progress for the architecture categories was shared yesterday and we'll be sharing the progress for design and studio categories tomorrow and Thursday.

Closing on 12 October, the public vote allows readers to vote for projects and studios shortlisted in the architecture, interiors and design categories, as well as architects and designers in line for the studio of the year awards. Winners will receive a special certificate.

Voting is open for another two weeks so get started today!

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Public vote winners announced in October

Public vote winners will be announced 19-22 October. The public vote is separate from the main Dezeen Awards 2020 judging process, in which entries are assessed by professional judges.

We'll be announcing the Dezeen Awards 2020 winners online at the end of November.

Who's ahead in the voting

With 28,985 votes received so far, here is a snapshot of which projects and studios have received the most support. There's still time to influence the results so keep voting!

Kew Residence by John Wardle Architects, Breezeway House by David Boyle Architect, Art Villa by Formafatal, House in Kyoto by 07Beach, and Bismarck House by Andrew Burges Architects, David Harrison and Karen McCartney

House interior

29% – Kew Residence by John Wardle Architects
22% – Breezeway House by David Boyle Architect
20% – Art villa, Puntarenas by Formafatal
19% – House in Kyoto by 07BEACH
10% – Bismarck House by Andrew Burges Architects

The Gymnasium by Robbert de Goede, Jaffa House 4 by Pitsou Kedem, The Melburnian Apartment by Edition Office, La Nave by Nomos, and Apartment Block by Coffey Architects

Apartment interior

35% – The Gymnasium by Robbert de Goede
29% – Jaffa House 4 by Pitsou Kedem Architects
19% – The Melburnian Apartment  by Edition Office
10% – La Nave by NOMOS
7% – Apartment Block  by Coffey Architects

Tori Tori Santa Fe by Esrawe Studio, Voisin Organique by Various Associates, DooSooGoBang by Limtaehee Design Studio, % Arabica, West Jianguo Road by Blue Architecture Studio, and Embers Restaurant by Curvink Architects

Restaurant interior

35% – Tori Tori Santa Fe by Esrawe Studio
23% – Voisin Organique by Various Associates
15% – DooSooGoBang by Studio Lim
14% – %Arabica Coffee by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio
13% – Embers Restaurant by Curvink Architects

Dongshang by Imafuku Architects, The Berkeley Bar and Terrace by Bryan O'Sullivan Studio, Mercantile Wine Bar by Islyn Studio, The Flow of Ecstatic by Daosheng Design, and A Secret Bar in a Lively Downtown by Atelier Xy

Bar interior

29% – Dongshang by Imafuku Architects
26% – The Berkeley Bar & Terrace by Bryan O'Sullivan Studio
18% – Mercantile Wine Bar by Islyn Studio
17% – The Flow of Ecstatic by Daosheng Design
10% – A secret bar by Atelier Xy

Casa Palerm by OHLAB, Maana Kamo by Uoya Shigenori, Capsule Hostel and Bookstore by Atelier Tao+C, Escondido Oaxaca Hotel by Decada and Carlos Couturier, and Trunk House by Trunk

Hotel and short-stay interior

34% – Casa Palerm by OHLAB
26% – Maana Kamo by Maana Homes
19% – Capsule hostel in a rural library by Atelier Tao+C
16% – Escondido Oaxaca Hotel by Decada Muebles
5% – Trunk House by Trunk

Les Capucins by Atelier L2, Office In Cardboard by Studio VDGA Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl by Destilat Design Studio, The Audo by Norm Architects, and KCC Office by KCC Design

Large workspace interior

38% – Les Capucins by ATELIER L2
25% – Office In Cardboard by Studio_VDGA
16% – Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl by Destilat Design Studio
15% – The Audo by Norm Architects
6% – KCC Office by KCC - Design

Grain Loft Studio by Richard Parr Associates, Tiny Offices by Dutch Invertuals, Office for DDB Prague by B² Architecture, CODO by Loftwork and Shuhei Goto Architects, and 12 by Ortraum Architects

Small workspace interior

34% – Grain loft studio by Richard Parr Associates
23% – Tiny Offices by Dutch Invertuals
17% – Office for creative advertising agency DDB Prague  by B² Architecture
13% – CODO  by Loftwork and Shuhei Goto Architects
13% – 12 by ORTRAUM Architects

Grupo Arca Design Center by Esrawe Studio, The Webster by Adjaye Associates, PSLab London by JamesPlumb, Supreme San Francisco by Brinkworth, Reigning Champ by Peter Cardew Architects and Issey Miyake Semba by Noma

Large retail interior

31% – Grupo Arca Design Center by Esrawe Studio
29% – The Webster by Adjaye Associates
18% – PSLab London by PSLab
14% – Supreme San Francisco by Brinkworth
5% – Reigning Champ by Peter Cardew Architects
3% – Issey Miyake Semba by NOMA

Glossier Seattle by Glossier, Sweat-Yourself-Shop by Freitag Lab, Aesop Shinjuku by Case-Real, Small Icon by I IN, and Freitag Store Kyoto by Freitag Lab

Small retail interior

33% –Glossier Seattle by Glossier
31% –
 FREITAG Sweat-Yourself-Shop by FREITAG lab
16% – AESOP Shinjuku by CASE-REAL
13% – small ICON by I IN
7% – FREITAG Store Kyoto by FREITAG lab

En Skincare by Archiee, Vikasa by Enter Projects Asia, EKH Children's Hospital by IF, Bathhouse by Verona Carpenter Architects, and Domstate Zorghotel by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe

Leisure and wellness interior

36% – En skincare by ARCHIEE
27% – Vikasa by Enter Projects Asia
19% – EKH Children's Hospital by IF
11% – Bathhouse by Verona Carpenter Architects
7% – Domstate Zorghotel by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe

MuseumLab by Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Church of Pope John Paul II by Robert Gutowski Architects, Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theatre by Trahan Architects, Crematorium Siesegem by Kaan Architecten, and Models in Model by Wutopia Lab

Civic and cultural interior

29% – MuseumLab by Koning Eizenberg Architecture
25% – Church of Pope John Paul II by Robert Gutowski Architects
22% – Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theatre by Trahan Architects
14% – Crematorium Siesegem by KAAN Architecten
10% – Models in Model by Wutopia Lab

Project #13 by Studio Wills + Architects, Writer's Studio by Eric J Smith, Single Person Gallery by Offhand Practice, Basic Coffee by Office AIO, and Smart Zendo by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Small interior

26% – PROJECT #13 by Studio Wills + Architects
23% – Writer's Studio by Eric J. Smith Architect
19% – Single Person Gallery by Offhand Practice
17% – Basic Coffee by Office AIO
15% – Smart Zendo by Sim-Plex Design Studio

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