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Bjarke Ingels

"Lots of good things come from dreaming" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are furiously debating news that Bjarke Ingels is creating a masterplan for redesigning Earth.

BIG founder Bjarke Ingels is drawing up a scheme to "prove that a sustainable human presence on planet Earth is attainable with existing technologies".

Approaching Earth like an architect master planning a city, Ingels calculates that even a predicted population of 10 billion people could enjoy a high quality of life if environmental issues were tackled holistically.

"Meme material"

But some readers are struggling to take Ingels seriously. "Please wake me up when BIG reveals a plan to redesign human behaviour," said Chris Becket.

"Meme material," joked Ernst.

"I can also come up with a hypothetical plan that will solve all the world's problems," added TKO. "The hard part is implementing it in a way that makes sense, is workable and achievable."

Don Griffiths was more optimistic: "Lots of good things come from dreaming and scheming outside the box. This young man might not have all the answers, but the future is better attended to by the actions of thinkers from the past."

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Jean Nouvel reveals cave hotel in Saudi Arabia's AlUla desert

"A beautiful abomination" says commenter

The design for a subterranean hotel that will be carved into a sandstone hill has caused controversy thanks to its location in the Madâin Sâlih UNESCO World Heritage site. 

"A beautiful abomination," dismayed Clayton. "Leave the desert untouched."

"I hate that I love this," continued Bassel. "Carving a super luxurious resort in a desolate and irreplaceable natural wonder is by no means a sustainable or preservationist practice. It's so unnecessary."

"I find it quite beautiful in its way," added Melon Design. "As Saudi Arabia opens up for tourism I am grateful to see that they're not building gaudy structures and look-at-me architecture in a landscape that requires much sensitivity."

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David Adjaye portrait
History of slavery is "a horrific wound that has just been ignored" says David Adjaye

"A monument itself will not change society" says reader

David Adjaye has sparked debate among commenters by saying that the lack of memorials and monuments dedicated to the victims of slavery is leading to ignorance and memory loss.

"A monument itself will not change society," said Zea Newland. "But it starts conversation. Antisemitism is considered absolutely unacceptable in Germany today thanks to museums, memorials and education."

Laura Matalon agreed: "I think Adjaye makes a great point. Memorials create an image for the public that inspired questions such as: 'What is this? Why did this happen? Why is this bad?' It forces people to think critically."

"There are war memorials in every town and village in the world, but as a society we still go to war," said Madea Honey, in contrast. "If we were to erect a monument for every atrocity to have taken place there would be no room to build anything else."

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Wohnregal prefabricated concrete housing block by FAR in Berlin, Germany
Wohnregal is a prefabricated concrete live-work apartment block in Berlin

"Bring it to my city please" says commenter

Readers are divided over a warehouse-style housing block in Berlin, which is constructed from prefabricated concrete slabs. There are no structural internal walls, meaning the occupants of each unit can divide the space according to their lifestyle.

"Bring it to my city please!" said Puzzello.

JZ was less keen: "This is a parking deck with kitchens."

"Welcome to your dystopian future," added Bobby Dazzler.

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