Muuto, Miniforms and Archier present products on Dezeen Showroom

Danish brand Muuto, Italian furniture company Miniforms and Australian design studio Archier are among the latest brands to present products on Dezeen Showroom this week.

Furniture including sofas, lighting and home lifts have been added to Dezeen Showroom, which is an affordable space for brands to launch products and showcase their designers and projects to Dezeen's huge global audience.

Read on to see the latest products:

Products from Thomas Bentzen's The Linear System Series for Muuto

Linear System Series by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto

Danish designer Thomas Bentzen has designed Linear System Series for Muuto, which can be tailored by users to create customised workspaces.

The collection, which features tables, lighting, screens and trays, has been designed for use in workspaces, hospitality settings and educational buildings.

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Pelleossa chair with rushed seat designed by Francesco Faccin for Miniforms

Pelleossa chair by Francesco Faccin for Miniforms

Italian furniture brand Miniforms presents the Pelleossa chair designed by Milan-based designer Francesco Faccin.

Faccin updated the wooden chair by adding a handwoven rushed seat, which has been woven in a checkered pattern between the wooden frame.

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Ghisolfa sofa and chair designed by by Raffaella Mangiarotti for Italian brand IOC Project Partners

Ghisolfa by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC Project Partners

Italian architect and designer Raffaella Mangiarotti has created the Ghisolfa sofa and chair collection for Italian office furniture brand IOC Project Partners.

Thick quilted material has been used to create comfortable seating as well as acting as an acoustic buffer, while the high back and sides foster privacy for the sitter.

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Ultralight partition wall by IOC Project Partners

Ultralight partition wall system by IOC Project Partners

The office furniture brand also showcases Ultralight, a partition wall system designed for flexible working in offices.

Its demountable design enables areas of an office to be easily transformed into private spaces or meeting rooms.

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Aritco HomeLift by Aritco

Aritco HomeLift by Aritco

Swedish elevator manufacturer Aritco presents Aritco HomeLift, which features a lit-up wall that displays a curated selection of Scandinavian artworks.

The lift can be custom made in 11 colours, including champagne, anthracite grey, jet black and sage green.

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Aritco HomeLift Access by Aritco

Aritco HomeLift Access by Aritco

The company has also released Aritco HomeLift Access, a residential lift that features an updated drive system which facilitates a smoother ride for its passengers.

The customisable lift, which can be made in over 200 colours, is available in various dimensions to suit the requirements of different households.

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Aritco 4000 lift by Aritco is made for residential use

Aritco 4000 lift by Aritco

The Swedish brand also presents the ultra-compact Aritco 4000 lift, which is the company's smallest model to date.

The lift has been designed to suit any residence, including those with scarce space, and can accommodate up to two people.

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Nook Pod by Nook

Nook Pod by Nook

Nook showcases its Nook Pod, which is a gabled private working pod composed of a pitched frame with enclosed benches.

The pods have been created as a response to the changing needs of office environments due to the coronavirus pandemic. The structures have been designed to provide extra space as people return to work.

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Highline pendant light by Archier

Highline pendant light by Archier

Australian brand Archier presents Highline, a slender brass pendant light that measures 1.8 metres long and 25 millimetres wide.

The body of the light is available in either satin or antique patina brass, which has been selected for its unique ageing qualities to make the colours appear unevenly over time.

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Capital bronze pendant light by Archier

Capital bronze pendant light by Archier

The Australian design studio also showcases its Capital pendant light, a long bronze light with a ribbed profile.

The light is available in three designs, which can either protrude from the ceiling, sit flush with the ceiling or is completely recessed.

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