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A living room with a Longworth rug by Edward Fields for Tai Ping Carpets

Longworth rug by Edward Fields

Dezeen Showroom: alternating stripes of mustard yellow, almond white and walnut brown create a bold, geometric pattern across the Longworth rug by Edward Fields – a Tai Ping brand.

Longworth is a reissue of a 1970s design by Edward Fields, the original founder of Edward Fields Carpet Makers.

Previously launched by Fields as part of the vibrant rug series Magnetic, the piece now forms a part of the newly released Edward Fields Home Collection – a ready-made range available in pre-defined sizes and colours.

Longworth rug by Edward Fields for Tai Ping Carpets
Longworth is a reissue of Edward Fields' 1970s rug

The reissue features the same statement, striped finish as the original, which captures the eccentric fashions of the era.

"Longworth was designed in the 1970s and presents stunning geometric patterns in an updated twist on the popular tones of the decade," said Edward Fields.

"Longworth's almond and walnut colours imbue each design with additional layers of energy and depth."

A detail photo of Longworth rug by Edward Fields for Tai Ping Carpets
It features the same bold alternating stripes as the original rug

The rug is handmade entirely from New Zealand wool using a cut and loop pile weave and available in a standard size of 2.4 by three metres.

American brand Edward Fields Carpet Makers was established in 1935 and acquired by Tai Ping Carpets in 2005.

The Edward Fields Home Collection comprises a total of nine rugs, including reissues of pieces by mid-century American designers Raymond Loewy and George Nakashima. Four pieces from the collection are being featured on Dezeen Showroom over the next week.

Product: Longworth
Designer: Edward Fields
Brand: Edward Fields – a Tai Ping brand
Contact: [email protected]

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