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Big Talk lounge chair by Adam Goodrum for Blå Station

Big Talk lounge chair by Adam Goodrum for Blå Station

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish furniture brand Blå Station has released Big Talk, a modular lounge chair by Adam Goodrum that can be used to form undulating seating constellations.

The Big Talk chair features a cylindrical base topped with a semi-circular backrest and colourful, striped upholstery.

Multiple of the chairs can be combined back to back thanks to their curved silhouette, creating a seamless, snakelike formation reminiscent of a Victorian loveseat.

The chair is constructed from moulded foam. Photography above and top is by Andrea Papini

"The upholstery forms a modular tête-à-tête sofa or Victorian loveseat, where two or more seats can be joined together in an undulating arrangement," said Goodrum.

"Two people can have a quiet conversation – in keeping with Victorian modesty – side-by-side while viewing the back of the other person's seat and the spectrum of graduated coloured bands."

Multiple chairs can be combined to form a modular loveseat. Photography is by Marcus Lawett

The striped upholstery is designed to resemble a wheel of textile swatches, creating an ombre effect that starts from the centre of the backrest and fans out towards the front.

Big Talk is available in several different colour gradients, including a version with red and purple shades as well as one that veers from yellow to orange and brown.

Product: Big Talk
Designer: Adam Goodrum
Brand: Blå Station
Contact: [email protected]

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The chair comes in a variety of textile swatches
Striped felt covers the back of the chair
The chair brings people together