Thomas Heatherwick Studio electric car

Sketches reveal concept for Heatherwick Studio's electric car

Dezeen can reveal a pair of sketches that show the concept for an electric car and charging station that Heatherwick Studio is designing for newly formed Chinese car brand IM Motors.

The sketches by Heatherwick Studio show a sinuous form for what looks like a sedan car along with a standing charging station.

It is understood that the sketches show the car that Heatherwick Studio is designing for IM Motors as part of a collaboration that was revealed at the CES trade fair in January.

"Heatherwick Studio is very excited to be designing a new car and charging station for IM Motors and will be revealing more about the designs in April this year," said the studio at the announcement.

Heatherwick Studio electric car charging station
Top: sketch of Heatherwick Studio's electric car. Above: the charging station

Dezeen understands that the design of the car, the first designed by Heatherwick Studio, will be unveiled during the Shanghai Motor Show, which takes place in April in the city where IM Motors is based.

Launched earlier this year, car brand IM Motors was created by Chinese car company SAIC Motor, online retailer Alibaba Group and the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Group.

Two cars have already been unveiled by the newly formed brand, with Heatherwick Studio's expected to be the third.

The project will be the first car designed by Heatherwick Studio, although the studio previously designed a bus for London.

Describes as a "re-conception of the classic Routemaster bus", the vehicle was created in collaboration with bus manufacturer The Wright Group. In total around 800 of these buses were put into service in London.

Heatherwick Studio's design came under scrutiny due to the high temperatures onboard caused by the lack of opening windows. However, later it emerged that Heatherwick had originally wanted to include natural ventilation – and TfL responded by adding opening windows.

Along with a bus the studio has also designed a boat to transport tourists and locals along the Loire river between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.