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Interiors of Casa SD by Escribano Rosique Arquitectos

Ten domestic interiors featuring statement plants that help bring nature indoors

If your home doesn't have a garden or a balcony, a well-chosen houseplant can bring the natural world inside. The second of a trio of spring lookbooks this Easter weekend showcases 10 domestic interiors with carefully chosen plants.

The projects feature plants ranging from full-sized trees to smaller houseplants such as aloe, peace lilies and ferns.

This is the latest roundup in our Dezeen Lookbooks series providing visual inspiration for the home. Previous articles in the series feature stylish home officeschildren's bedroomsinspiring outdoor living spaces, and living rooms with beautiful statement shelving.

A living room with a narrow-leafed fig

The Gymnasium by Robbert de Goede

This ground-floor apartment in Amsterdam was once a gymnasium. Converted by architect Robbert de Goede, the airy dwelling features a couple of statement potted plants.

A narrow-leafed fig (Ficus maclellandii Alii) is located next to the glass doors that lead to the terrace while a large fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is placed beside the staircase.

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Orange apartment interior with a large peace lily

Trevi House by Studio Venturoni

A peace lily (Spathiphyllum) in a raised silver planter complements a Nemo chair by Fabio Novembre in this one-bedroom apartment in Rome designed by Studio Venturoni. The room also features a corn plant (Dracaena Fragrans).

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A white-walled bathroom with a snake plant

Yurikago House by Mas-aqui

Architecture studio Mas-aqui transformed this Barcelona apartment into a multi-level home featuring a variety of materials including ceramic, plywood, terrazzo and steel.

A single plant, a snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue (Dracaena trifasciata), guards the entrance to the bathroom.

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A bedroom overlooking a plant-filled courtyard

A Forest House by Aquiles Jarrín

This spectacular apartment in Quito by architect Aquiles Jarrín features several large, architectural plants. Swiss cheese plants (Monstera Deliciosa) are clustered around the indoor pool while an internal courtyard is filled with umbrella trees (Schefflera), ferns and more Swiss cheese plants.

The apartment also features hanging baskets planted with a chain of hearts (Ceropegia woodii).

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A white-walled apartment with a large Kentia palm

Apartment in Lavapies by Leticia Saá

Architect Leticia Saá's conversion of a Madrid apartment features a plant in every room. A large Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) occupies a bright corner in the dining area while a giant white bird of paradise plant (Strelitizia nicola) is a key feature in the living area.

Smaller plants are dotted around the rest of the apartment (although it looks as if the photographer has used the same specimen in several of the photos).

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A white kitchen with plants and wooden cabinetry

Newry House by Austin Maynard Architects

Austin Maynard Architects transformed a narrow Melbourne house by adding a raised indoor bed beneath a glass roof over the dining area.

Planted with a range of species including a philodendron and ferns, the border creates a leafy, living backdrop to the built-in banquette.

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A minimalist apartment with a giant cactus

Apartment A by Atelier Dialect

Atelier Dialect chose a spectacular cereus peruvianus as the finishing touch to its elegantly minimal conversion of an Antwerp apartment.

The giant cactus is the only plant in the home, which is otherwise finished with materials including cement, exposed-aggregate concrete and mirrored steel.

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A white-walled living room with indoor plants

Casa SD by Escribano Rosique Arquitectos

There are more plants than furnishings in this spartan house near Valladolid in Spain by Escribano Rosique Arquitectos.

Arranged around an open courtyard and featuring open-sided living spaces, the white-brick interior is dotted with including various species of ficus including a rubber plant (Ficus elastica) as well as a snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata).

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A concrete living room with a large screw pine tree

Brutalist Tropical Home by Dan Mitchell and Patisandhika

A large screw pine (Pandanus utilis) grows out of the living room floor in this brutalist home in Bali.

Created by designer Dan Mitchell and architectural studio Patisandhika, the concrete dwelling sits amid lush tropical vegetation and features a terrace planted with palms.

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A minimalist house interior

A White House, A Growing Home by RIGI Design

An aloe plant in a raised planter has been paired with a white Hee dining chair by Hay in the bedroom of this converted Shanghai home by RIGI Design.

The succulent is one of many plants artfully placed around the home, which also features a courtyard scattered with more plants in containers.

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