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New How nestles CLT holiday home into Czech Republic mountains

Architecture studio New How has created an angular holiday home called Weekend House in Nové Hamry, Czech Republic.

The house sits within a forest in the Ore Mountains and is constructed from cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels clad in black aluminium.

Weekend House by New How is made from CLT timber panels
Weekend House is nestled in the Czech Republic's Ore Mountains

New How designed the three-storey house to act as a lookout tower, with a square window on the upper floor that frames views of the tree-covered landscape.

"The idea of a 'lookout tower' determines the height of the house from the inside," said David Zámečník, architect at New How.

"It should resemble a tower rather than a house and should also serve as a hideaway."

Holiday home by New How within a Czech Republic forest
The building was designed to act as a lookout tower

The lookout is on the top floor, which is within the angular roof that was designed to reduced snow loads during the winter.

This floor contains a studio, library and relaxation space.

Holiday home in Czech Republic
The home has an angular roof

Below the lookout, the middle floor contains three bedrooms along with a bathroom and double-height open gallery space.

Within this double-height space is a netted area designed as a playful addition to the house. While sitting upon it, visitors can look down to the ground floor.

"The floor is partly formed by a net that establishes a connection with the lowest level both visually and acoustically and functions as a rest area," explained Zámečník.

"It's a place where you can unleash your imagination."

CLT interior of a holiday home
CLT is visible throughout the holiday home's interiors

On the ground floor, there is a dining area with timber seating below the net, along with a kitchen and a dining area arranged around a central fireplace.

Throughout the holiday home, the CLT structure was largely left exposed. The interiors were finished with a palette of grey, brown and black materials that mirror the earth-coloured tones of the local tree trunks, granite and basalt rocks.

Fireplace in a holiday home
The ground floor is arranged around a fireplace

Other residential projects in Czech Republic include a glass house built alongside historic buildings for Lasvit's HQ and a cottage covered in charred-timber cladding situated in the Czech countryside.

Photography by Petr Polák

More images and plans

Site plan of Weekend House in Nové Hamry by New How
Site plan
Ground floor of Weekend House in Nové Hamry by New How
Ground floor plan
First floor of Weekend House in Nové Hamry by New How
First floor
Second floor of Weekend House in Nové Hamry by New How
Second floor
Section of Weekend House in Nové Hamry by New How