Serpentine Pavilion by Counterspace

This week Counterspace's Serpentine Pavilion opened in London

This week on Dezeen, this year's coronavirus-delayed Serpentine Pavilion, a structure made from abstracted fragments of London, opened its doors.

Designed by South African studio Counterspace, the pink and grey structure in London's Kensington Gardens is the latest pavilion built as part of the prestigious annual commission.

Serpentine Pavilion celebrates "places with a history significant to migration" says Sumayya Vally

In an exclusive video interview, Counterspace founder Sumayya Vally explained how the pavilion was designed to reference the architecture of London's migrant communities.

"I became really interested in places with a history significant to migration – small spaces that birthed community and that have held forms of cultural production over time," Vally explained in the video.

Pavilion of the African Diaspora
Ini Archibong creates Pavilion of the African Diaspora "for the black voices leading us into the future"

Also in the UK capital, the London Design Biennale continued with designer Ini Archibong explaining the meaning behind the Pavilion of the African Diaspora.

Speaking to Dezeen, the designer said the structure was intended as a place where people of African descent can come together.

"This is meant to be a platform for the people in the diaspora to have a conversation," he said. "This isn't a platform for Ini to express his views on race. It was never intended to be that and it won't become that."

Spectacular swimming pool
Eight spectacular transparent pools with see-through walls and floors

Following the opening of a fully transparent swimming pool in London, we rounded up eight spectacular pools with see-through walls and floors from around the world.

Watch a swimmer in London's fully transparent Sky Pool

Euro 2020 kits
Euro 2020 kits feature hand-painted details and renaissance-informed patterns

With Euro 2020 kicking off yesterday, we took a look at the kits that all 24 teams will be playing in at the tournament.

Also to mark the tournament, twenty graphic designers reinterpreted iconic moments from the championship on a series of beer mats that are being sold for charity.

Co-living space
Seven clever co-living projects featured in All Together Now book

Also this week, Dezeen editor-at-large Amy Frearson picked seven clever co-living projects from the All Together Now book she wrote in collaboration with interior designer Naomi Cleaver.

"Co-living offers very real solutions to problems that many of us face today, from rising property prices to chronic loneliness," said Frearson.

Cheese restaurant in London
Adam Richards Architects tops floating Cheese Barge with patinated aluminium roof

Popular projects this week included a floating cheese restaurant designed by Adam Richards Architects, a minimalist Tuscan farmhouse and a colour-blocked burger joint in Turin.

Our lookbook this week focused on projects where kitchens and dining rooms have been combined.

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