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Inset flooring collection by Patcraft

Ten interior finishing materials from Dezeen Showroom for architects and designers

Here are ten innovative interior finishes from Dezeen Showroom, including tiles, flooring products and surfacing materials from leading brands.

The selection includes porcelain and stoneware tiles, clay plaster, micro cements and solid surfacing materials by leading designers and brands including HI-MACS, Patcraft, MUT Design and Marazzi.

From vinyl tiles with digitally-printed scans of wood to flooring that mimics the appearance of concrete, here's a selection of the latest finishing products on Dezeen Showroom.

Inset flooring collection by Patcraft

Inset is a collection of parquet-style flooring made of vinyl-covered planks that resemble concrete and wood, created by Patcraft.

Intended for commercial spaces, the flooring is embellished with metallic accents of bronze, silver or gold that are scattered diagonally across the flooring, which creates a playful contrast.

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Bow tile collection by MUT Design for Harmony

Bow is a collection of wall coverings modelled on the traditional clay roof tiles found in the Mediterranean, created by MUT Design with Spanish tile specialist Harmony.

Characterised by its concave shape, the Bow collection comes in an array of colours including azure, white, teal, silver and maroon, as well as glossy or matt finishes.

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HI-MACS solid surface material in terrazzo classico colour

HI-MACS solid surfacing by HI-MACS

HI-MACS is a durable and stain-resistant surfacing product intended for commercial and residential projects with new recycled and terrazzo options.

The material is made of acrylic mixed with minerals and can be moulded to produce a seamless finish. The recycled versions include granite stone-effect finishes as well a Volcanics range that emulates the look of precious natural stones.

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Il Veneziano tiles by Fiandre

Il Veneziano tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Il Veneziano is a family of durable porcelain tiles that echo the look of traditional Venetian terrazzo or seminato flooring, created by Italian manufacturer Fiandre.

The terrazzo-style tiles feature flecked stone that runs all the way through their form instead of just appearing on the surface, which makes the tile suitable for spatial manufacturing processes to create rounded, contoured or bevelled edges.

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Turquoise tiled wall around a sink

Crogiolo Lume tiles by Marazzi

Crogiolo Lume is a series of wall tiles informed by the handmade majolica tiles native to the Mediterranean, created by Italian brand Marazzi.

The tiles, which are frost-proof and resistant to abrasion, have a high-gloss finish and come in a number of mottled colours including blue, green, musk and greige.

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Carpenter tile collection by Argenta Cerámica

Carpenter tile collection by Argenta Cerámica

Carpenter is a range of porcelain stoneware tiles that come in natural shades to suit any interior, created by Spanish brand Argenta Cerámica.

The tiles feature a bactericidal finish, which makes them suited to spaces that require good hygiene such as hospitals, clinics and libraries.

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Living room with Clay Plasters Rustic Range walls by Clayworks

Clay Plasters Rustic Range by Clayworks

Clayworks has created a family of sustainable clay plasters that emulate the appearance of concrete, stone and earth called Clay Plasters Rustic Range.

The plasters are composed of unfired clays that have been mixed with natural pigments and minerals, which means it is compostable and free from toxic ingredients.

As well as being easy to repair, the plasters are sound-absorbing and can assist in humidity and temperature regulation in interior spaces.

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Microtopping finish by Ideal Work

Microtopping finish by Ideal Work

Microtopping is a micro cement finish that allows existing surfaces to be remodelled without the need for extensive renovation, created by Ideal Work.

The finish, which is suitable for walls, floors, stairs and bathrooms, can be applied to any material and can be hand-finished with a choice of acid-stained, clouded, silky or polished effects.

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iD Inspiration vinyl flooring by Tarkett

iD Inspiration vinyl flooring by Tarkett

Scans of natural materials including wood and stone have been digitally printed on vinyl tiles to create flooring brand Tarkett’s iD Inspiration collection.

Intended for areas with high foot traffic, the versatile flooring comes in 100 different patterns informed by the varying grains, textures and imperfections of natural materials.

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Squar(e) tiles by Giovanni Barbieri

Squar(e) tiles by Giovanni Barbieri

Squar(e) is a series of mosaic and standard ceramic tiles that can be configured to create customised three-dimensional wall finishes, created by Vicenza-based designer Giovanni Barbieri.

The tiles are made from recycled marble dust collected from the production waste and come in a number of finishes, including ones that replicate the appearance of travertine or natural stone.

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