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Marshalls Landscape Protection colourful benches

Marshalls Landscape Protection creates protective design-led street furniture

Dezeen promotion: Marshalls Landscape Protection's RhinoGuard decorative and protective street furniture, including planters and seating, has been crash-tested to the latest standards in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation to help create safe outdoor spaces without sacrificing design.

UK-based Marshalls Landscape Protection has a wide selection of products that can be used to ensure safety while blending in with the existing landscape.

Protective street furniture
Benches can be used to create protected areas

The products aim to make public areas feel less fortified while opening spaces to increase footfall in town centres and cities.

Specifically, Marshalls Landscape Protection's protective street furniture is designed to be a decorative addition to urban environments and to prevent hostile or errant vehicles from entering an area.

Bollards, cycle stands, benches and litter bins can all be used to help keep public spaces safer from vehicles, something that Marshalls Landscape Protection believes will become even more important as people start returning to city centres for work and leisure post-pandemic.

Turquoise protective barriers
They are designed to have minimal visual impact 

The company's products are designed to have a minimal visual impact on the environment while negating the need for harsh measures such as metal barriers or concrete blocks.

Instead, its RhinoGuard street furniture aims to combine safety and aesthetics and can be tailor-made to suit the needs of individual projects.

Large planters that function as vehicle protection
Large planters function as vehicle protection

Marshalls Landscape Protection offers a flexible portfolio of crash-tested street furniture products.

From the top levels of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) certification, PAS 68/IWA 14.1, which are capable of stopping a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50 miles per hour, to the PAS 170 accreditation at the other end of the scale.

This protects against vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tonnes travelling up to 10 or 20 miles per hour.

Bollards surrounding a statue
Marshalls Decorative bollards protect a historical site in Stratford upon Avon

The majority of Marshalls Landscape Protection's products are manufactured in the UK, and the company uses ethically sourced materials.

It has also signed up to the Carbon Trust Standard to reduce the carbon footprint in its product manufacturing processes.


Stone benches
Discreet benches offer protection and a place to rest

The company believes its products will be helpful as pandemic restrictions start to lift and urban areas get busier.

"Architects and landscape designers are in a strong position to create safe and attractive urban spaces that will be crucial for attracting people back into towns and city centres," the brand explained.

"By implementing protective street furniture products and taking a design-led approach to security, our public spaces can be future-proofed in a way, keeping people safe, not scared for years to come."

To learn more about the products on the brand's website.

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