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A student project from Wimbledon College of Art

Nine design and fine art projects from the Wimbledon College of Arts Graduate Showcase

A human-mouse creature crafted in silicone and theatre costumes that reference industrial London are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Wimbledon College of Arts.

Also included is a costume project based on the opera Elektra and a science fiction-like environment with a labyrinthine network of corridors and service tunnels.

Wimbledon College of Arts

School: Wimbledon College of Arts
Courses: BA (Hons) Theatre Design, BA (Hons) Production Arts for Screen, BA (Hons) Production Arts for Screen – Technical Arts Pathway, BA (Hons) Costume for Theatre and Screen, BA Fine Art: Print and Time-Based Media and BA Fine Art: Print and Time-Based Media

School statement:

"Wimbledon College of Arts is dedicated to preparing our students for successful careers in the creative industries by providing excellent technical training and developing creativity through collaboration.

"As our graduating students start their careers in fine art and performance design, this year, we celebrate the importance of exploration and working together across disciplines while developing a personal practice.

"Wimbledon College of Arts' graduate showcase is the place to discover the newest names in art and performance. You can see the work on display in London, or you can view work online at the graduate showcase website."

Wimbledon College of Art

Anna Gorman

"I am a performance designer and theatre-maker. I'm experimenting with scale, colour and surrealism – designing immersive worlds for the characters I create. My practice has developed by bringing my characters to life, designing and creating costumes and making wigs which I then dress in.

"This characterisation is influenced by Cindy Sherman. I have a special interest in exploring feminism, the class system and anti-racist positions within my practice. I have been increasingly drawn to collaboration and interdisciplinary practice throughout the past few years."

Student: Anna Gorman
Course: BA (Hons) Theatre Design
Instagram: annagormantheatredesign

Wimbledon College of Art

Wenling Wu

"The Russian Sleep Experiment is a CreepyPasta Story and its original author is unknown. The story is reimagined to be set in a dystopian world with the aesthetics of cyberpunk, techno music and features of a motherboard.

"The live performance will take place in a VR space, held in Illuminate in London's Science Museum. The audience is invited to partake in an immersive experience before watching the VR performance. The experience ends with the opportunity to look at the behind-the-scenes making of the performance."

Student: Wenling Wu
Course: BA (Hons) Theatre Design
Instagram: w.wenlingdesigns

Wimbledon College of Art

Alfie Lloyd

"My project, called Circadia, is an immersive, explorative and interactive digital science fiction environment. I have focused my attention on designing several distinct locations within this larger space station.

"Connected by a labyrinthine network of corridors and service tunnels, the setting can be explored, and many aspects of it can be interacted with and engaged with in real-time.

"Everything in these scenes has been conceptualised, designed and realised by myself; with the components of the setting being sculpted in Blender, the textures created in ­Adobe Substance and finally brought together within the Unreal Engine."

Student: Alfie Lloyd
BA (Hons) Production Arts for Screen
Instagram: alfiecreative

Wimbledon College of Art

Daisy Stapleton

"I was inspired by the idea of human-animal chimeric experiments, where scientists test ways to combine human stem cells and animal embryos. I wanted to create a depiction of what could be created if these experiments were to go wrong, in this instance, a human-mouse creature.

"I used the knowledge I have gained from my three years at university, including sculpting, moulding, casting, the use of silicone, silicone painting and hair punching to make my final piece come to life."

Student: Daisy Stapleton
BA (Hons) Production Arts for Screen – Technical Arts Pathway

Wimbledon College of Art

Anna-Sophie Lienbacher

"I based my concept on the psychological aspects of the opera Elektra by Richard Strauss and the aesthetics of the artist Gustav Klimt, who addressed psychological processes in his paintings.

"Playing with geometric shapes and surface structure was especially important to transport Klimt's aesthetic. Other artists that influenced my design were fashion designers Alexander McQueen and Sam Taylor-Wood.

"The pattern for the design was based on the Janet Arnold pattern for a girl's loose gown made in 1610-1620, which is currently a part of the Victoria and Albert collection. The silhouette was inspired by an inkblot test, and I used the colours of rotten fruits for the gown."

Student: Anna-Sophie Lienbacher
BA (Hons) Costume for Theatre and Screen

Wimbledon College of Art

Lu Wang

"Lu Wang's final work is a costume for the character Bottom in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. Wang is fascinated by the diverse culture and trends in London and has combined characters in A Midsummer Night's Dream with representations of the City of London such as industrial factories, street graffiti and a lighting show."

Student: Lu Wang
BA (Hons) Costume for Theatre and Screen

Wimbledon College of Art

Alex Appleby

"My influences are derived from popular culture and the art world, particularly the work of old masters like Botticelli, Dürer and Da Vinci.

"I look at painters like this whilst observing artists like Christian Rex van Minnen, Trey Abella and Emily Mae Smith. I borrow a lot from other people's practices, with the ethos of a painting becoming a 'recipe'. This comes from my background as a chef and is my understanding of the world."

Student: Alex Appleby
Course: BA Fine Art: Painting
Instagram: alex.apppleby

Wimbledon College of Art

Nicole O'Hara

"Working with painting, printmaking, ceramics and digital art, Nicole O'Hara's work centres around the transferral of text across mediums, pulling quotes and stories from popular culture and music history and exploring the changes in context that this provokes.

"Inspired by stylistic and contextual elements of the pop art and neo-dada artistic movements, in addition to beat poetry and popular music iconography, her work often experiments with colour combinations and demonstrates a significant focus upon the visual."

Student: Nicole O'Hara
BA Fine Art: Print and Time-Based Media

Wimbledon College of Art

Alice Gamble

"The space, politics and visual culture in Northern Ireland is key to Alice Gamble's practice. Gamble creates interventions that interrupt and charge the space in which they are situated.

"Born into the ceasefire generation in Belfast, Gamble is constantly exploring and observing her surroundings as she finds them. Her work examines the idea of territory and political borders in her own life, and how the visual culture in Belfast creates segregation and holds communities back from progressing into peace.

"Gamble considers the border as a physical site, a historical idea and a political division, and brings these contemplations into a gallery space."

Student: Alice Gamble
BA Fine Art: Sculpture

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